July 24, 2024

Hello dear reader,

Good to have you on found this blog! This short introduction is meant to serve as a little navigation aid.

If you’ve landed here, you might already be familiar with Orlando Owen (real name: Roland H. Bellstedt) and his coaching brand “Magick Male.” As a long-time participant, I was deeply immersed in this world for a long time. However, I am no longer involved in it.

It is challenging to fully grasp, describe, or criticize Magick Male itself. Therefore, on this blog, you won’t find a proper summary but nearly 160 articles that all – in some way – deal with MM.

Fact is, many participants describe the following:

  • That their wishes and hopes were not fulfilled during their time with Magick Male
  • Some describe that they are doing significantly worse since joining Magick Male or even plunged into severe depressions
  • That Orlando often does not deliver on his promises and then takes out his frustration on his participants
  • That the community (whether in “real life,” on Telegram, or in the forum) is often extremely toxic
  • They could not “heal” their issues with the content, ball exercises, etc., and both the ball exercise and other content rather “dragged them down”

How you feel about this matter is for you to decide. I invite you to have the courage to draw your own conclusions.

A brief navigation guide:

If you would rather read texts from other participants instead of my opinion, you will find various guest posts on this blog. If you are more interested in analyses of individual team members, I recommend the series “Team members from hell.” If you are interested in Orlando Owen and his strengths, but also his frequent distortions and even lies, you will find articles about it under “Orlando personally. And my musings about participants towards whom I harbor particularly “friendly feelings” can be found in my “Tales from the Paulanergarten” (simply type it into the search function in the upper right).

How former “defectors” are treated at Magick Male: The saga of Felix N., the former manager and friend of Orlando

I have delved particularly intensely into the story surrounding Felix N. He is now known in various podcasts as the “counter-worker,” “little asshole,” and practically a “malicious person” who wanted to sabotage MM. In friendly cooperation with Felix, you will find here 4 articles that present the other side of the story. Feel free to decide whose account you find more plausible and credible here.

Here are the articles:

The Lost Honor Of Felix N., Part 1: How They Parted Ways
The Lost Honor Of Felix N., Part 2: Of Visas and Erratic Orlandos
The Lost Honor Of Felix N., Part 3: The Mysterious Bank Account and the “Counter-Work” by Felix
The Lost Honor Of Felix N. – “The Truth About the Visa”

Take a few minutes for your research. Magick Male is not “easy to grasp,” and what is really going on there isn’t either. I don’t claim to have the truth, nor do guest authors. Many articles repeat their content and often describe the same things from different perspectives.

Feel free to browse (there are almost 16 pages of articles) and choose what appeals to you the most. If you have the time and desire to contribute something yourself, you are warmly invited to comment here or contribute a guest post. Just send a short email to patrick@lichtundschatten.me.

Some rules on this blog:

(I would prefer it to be different. Unfortunately, some simple rules are needed to keep this blog legal and without legal problems for me)

  • If you are still active at MM, be aware that they tend to kick out “deviants” – including blocking access to paid coaching programs. Among other things, MM has even encouraged praying against this blog (this is not a joke) and claimed that Felix and I are “simply criminals.” If you want to comment here, I recommend using a pseudonym (“nickname”) for your safety.
  • Team members and other participants are always mentioned here with altered names. You should be able to figure out who is who easily.
  • Some of the persons depicted and described here should be seen as artistic characters who are merely based on or inspired by real existing individuals. It is up to you to decide how much the portrayal aligns with reality or not.

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