June 18, 2024

It’s not like Orlando is a peaceful person. According to his own account, he is quite a tyrant, and I believe it is mainly due to unresolved traumas. I would also argue that he has never truly resolved his own issues with his father – despite the opposite claim in the “Mann-Bewusst-Sein” program – or at least the deep traumas associated with it.

I need this and that, otherwise, I’ll get depressed,” was his own statement in a podcast. And that’s evident. “I’m immediately out of depression and then I do a one-hour podcast or so.” How that aligns with his claim that producing a podcast requires many more hours of work, I don’t know. But well, nitpicking. I once had the pleasure of admiring the screen of Orlando’s laptop: the amount of thoughts and impulses he has to sort and organize in a workshop is astonishing.

Coughing fits, depressions, “adrenal” burnout, and maximum exhaustion. He has “absorbed too many negative energies”.

All of this has accumulated tremendously over the past years. In “Feel Different“, Orlando often appeared incredibly exhausted and even a bit confused; he looked like the old man he has now become. And the group and the hall almost collapsed, if I recall correctly, when the topic of “homelessness” came up. He stuttered as unrest spread through the room but quickly regained control.

In the “Save Your Life” online event, he repeatedly started coughing loudly. When he quoted questionnaires from us participants, which addressed extremely emotional issues, he commented: “It almost makes me depressed myself!” And he shouted that the participants should just go to Ahrweiler to help out.

I’ve experienced such coughing fits myself. They remind me a bit of Walter White’s from Breaking Bad. Orlando just loses control and falls apart. But why?

Maximum Immersion in Participants’ Issues: The Energies Slowly Claim Their Victims

Orlando’s deep immersion in emotional issues and his intense contact with his emotions, confronting them, is now taking its toll. Orlando Owen has become a victim of his own ideology: “Never be in the victim role.” And how that will affect his future, I can only judge with great difficulty.

Orlando simply pushed on, further and further, for far too long, and lost himself. Whether this will end well or badly for him, I don’t know. It’s possible that he can keep going like this and eventually be supported by people who can endure and love him. He deserves that.

“Felix N. is actually secretly gay, and that drives him insane.”

That was a statement about one of his former team members. Is it true or not? As often with Orlando’s statements, I’m really not sure. It blurted out of him in a livestream or podcast, and it’s either a sign of incipient madness or another realization that may turn out to be true at some point. No idea. I’ll never find out, and that’s probably for the best.

Conclusion: Wise man with incorrigible fallacies?

I honestly don’t know! Orlando has been right about so many things in some way, somewhere, sometime, which often seemed very strange or incomprehensible to me. But one thing is clear: if he’s wrong about something, he’s unable to admit it. That doesn’t mean he won’t correct it or move beyond it, but he will never say “I screwed up” – that old stubborn and belligerent nature of his.

For me, as a participant, there’s only one consequence: get out of there, and quickly, at least emotionally. Because if the master hasn’t resolved important issues, or doesn’t want to, or if his methods have resulted in a very bad situation, it means he can only help me to a limited extent in resolving my own issues.

Orlando certainly still has much to give and teach in his life. But the old “Orlando Effect” is definitively dead to me. Much remains unforgettable, but the “true” Orlando Owen, whom I’ve come to appreciate and love (and if anyone cries “projection,” I’ll personally knock them out), now needs a lot of care and tranquility. He needs to sort himself out anew. If he even wants to do that himself, which I honestly don’t believe.

Strength to you, Orlando. In my current emotional state, you’re not the right mentor and even harmful.

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