June 18, 2024

I have received some inquiries about how I came to the conclusion that Orlando Owen’s real name is Roland H. Bellstedt. On one hand, this was confirmed by Felix N., the former manager of the company, and on the other hand, the name is also registered as Director of the two companies through which Magick Male operates. Another indication is the female name that can be found associated with one of the two companies (it starts with an M).

Another clue: “Roland” and “Orlando” have almost the same letters, just slightly rearranged. It’s probably just a nickname.

Overview of the Companies

The main company is named “Authentic Power Systems, Inc.” Here is the official register extract.

And here is the register extract of “Feel Different Systems, Inc.”:

Click here for the official register extract.

Another Piece of Evidence: The Name on Orlando / Magick Male’s Former Account

(Thanks to an anonymous participant who sent this to me via Telegram!)

Before MM / “Orlando Owen” became really big, there were already products and workshops. And this is how the name looked like on the payment details for these:

Here, too, the name “Roland Bellstedt” clearly appears.

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