July 24, 2024

Note: The author of this article is known to the operator of this website. The content reflects the opinion of the guest author. The operator of this website holds different political views in many areas. Cross-references to other articles on this site are also written by me and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the guest author.

I am happy to fulfill the request to share my personal experiences with Orlando Owen and Magick Male in a guest post. I will honestly express my own opinion and, in conclusion, try to provide other men with a recommendation for dealing with Magick Male and Orlando’s content.

My Story and My Path to Magick Male

Like many other men, I came to Magick Male through the pick-up community. It originally originated in the USA, where men dealt with systematic approaches to approaching and seducing women. Although I was quite successful and could collect phone numbers, kisses, and notches on the bedpost unlike before, the inner satisfaction and the desired “feeling comfortable in my own skin” remained elusive. And so, according to the law of attraction (whether you believe in it or not, it really exists!), I came across the Magick Male podcasts. At that time, you could get them for free via newsletter, and they offered a lot of interesting perspectives. The pick-up community, in particular, did not come off well; Orlando’s criticism was understandable. A superficial approach doesn’t bring about fundamental changes. I liked Orlando’s way of speaking and his viewpoints, so I ordered the then-new DVD set “Foundations,” a seminar recording on 12 DVDs with homework, book recommendations, and much more. It covers the six essential elements of Orlando’s “Magick Male Process” in the basics and seemed to be an excellent starting point for me.

Live Coaching, Workshop, Male Awareness, and Feel Different

The work with the set prompted me to book a live Skype conversation with Orlando and later the workshop “Male Awareness” in the Swiss Alps. Later, in 2016 and 2018, I attended two live events in Munich: “Male Awareness” and “Feel Different.” Both seminars are also available as online programs. In total, I spent 7 days in seminars and workshops and countless hours with videos and audios, investing several thousand euros. So, I know what I’m talking about here.

I have been repeatedly confirmed that I have positively changed as a person and as a man, even though my still existing perfectionism and self-critical attitude often do not allow me to fully accept these positive feedback. Objectively, however, I must say: Orlando delivered. He is a man who exudes life experience, can captivate his audience, and produces good programs and content.

Why I Now Distance Myself from Magick Male

Nevertheless, since “Feel Different,” I have increasingly distanced myself from Magick Male, and there are several reasons for that. I would like to address these for the sake of completeness. Firstly, there have been no live events with Orlando in Europe since “Feel Different.” This was partly because Orlando no longer wanted to take regular long-haul flights and preferred to stay in sunny Florida (who can blame him?), and partly due to COVID-19 and the associated restrictions. Seminars and workshops were only held online but remained unchanged in price. I personally find this disproportionate. A few thousand euros for an online event from which I don’t even get a recording? Seriously? In addition, Orlando increasingly became involved in politics. He praised Donald Trump (admittedly, whether the Democrats or the Republicans are the lesser evil for the USA, I cannot judge), as well as the German AfD. He supported the Querdenker movement during the pandemic (here, too, I must say that most states were absolutely helpless and uncoordinated in combating COVID, but conspiracy theories are not a meaningful alternative). He also endorsed various right-wing populists and dictators like Orban or Putin. Although I can certainly understand criticism of the established parties and career politicians, right-wing populism in politics, from my perspective, is the root of all evil and the sure path to the downfall of a country. This is something he shares with communism.

The Online Forum – A (Dangerous?) Freak Show

In the online forum, a bizarre crowd of “men” gathered around Orlando and his team, representing all kinds of strange theses, following the master like hyenas to a piece of carrion. A little browsing in the forum, and just about any crazy conspiracy theory could be found: an alleged “Deep State,” consisting of powerful families like Rothschild or Rockefeller, wealthy corporate bosses, and corrupt governments, was in the process of establishing a new world order. Mainstream media was hated, and instead, reliance was placed on Telegram groups and dubious figures like Alex Jones or the QAnon conspiracy collective. Naturally, those who thought differently were quickly excluded from this “Inner Circle.” The atmosphere was indeed cult-like.

(Note from the operator of this website: This is also the case even if you deviate even slightly from the prevailing opinion, even if you share the same basic stance. If it’s “in” to admire Putin or Trump, no criticism of them is allowed. And even alternative views within a “conspiracy ideology” are very rare and either find no resonance or are more or less ignored. There is no genuine exchange.)

The New Team Around Orlando – Obedient Disciples Instead of Equal Partners

Finally, Orlando himself increasingly faded into the background and handed over the field to his new team: a young man who not only seems to know every sentence Orlando has ever said in any seminar or podcast by heart but has also adopted Orlando’s speaking style, including inevitable anglicisms. In short: a replica of Orlando without his own personality. At his side, his partner, who is supposed to address female customers or represent the female perspective. This, too, often appears more forced than authentic. So, a young couple in their mid-twenties wants to tell me something about “Authentic Male Power.” Even the third member of the support team didn’t really emotionally engage me. Instead, he seemed primitive and uneducated. Behind his coolness, there seems to be a lot of pent-up self-hatred and resentment. Felix, formerly Orlando’s right-hand man in organizing workshops and seminars, disappeared overnight. There was a falling out between the two men. From my point of view, a great loss for Magick Male.

My Conclusion

Enough talk; now, as promised, my conclusion: Orlando’s products up to “Feel Different” were good. However, you must be able to filter the content and take away what personally helps you at the moment. Orlando is your mentor, not your cult leader. Do you have doubts about his statements? Check them. Do your own research. Imagine you’re writing a paper for university. There, too, you have to search through various sources and come to a conclusion that makes sense to you. You can safely skip the political modules in “Male Awareness.” Orlando claims to want to trigger you with his statements so that you take action yourself, but I’m afraid that he means much of it seriously. You should avoid the forum (if it still exists). Whether you want to spend 2000 euros or more on a two-day online workshop is entirely up to you.

Also, I want to briefly review my personal changes in the last 8 years with Magick Male: In 2011, I was completely overwhelmed with myself and my life (relationship, studies, etc.). I took antidepressants (SSRIs – be careful with that stuff!!), lost interest in sex and interpersonal relationships. Since around 2015, I have not been taking these medications anymore; a year earlier, I had started working through the “Foundations.” My self-esteem has definitely improved in all areas, but it is still far from “solid” or “bulletproof.” In other words, I still have my issues that I need to deal with, whether it’s dealing with women or in my profession. But this is no different for Orlando: He reacts so aggressively to criticism, that it seems he also has a lot of inner demons to fight. So, you shouldn’t see Magick Male as a miracle cure. See it as support, as a tool in the process of your development. And that’s crucial: Your development is a lifelong process. There is no point X (e.g., after a program or workshop) at which your self-esteem is solid and unbreakable. But it can get better day by day if you work on it and on yourself. I wish you much success!

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