June 18, 2024

Note: The author of this article works in the field of trauma therapy / EMDR. It is one of the values of this blog to allow controversial and pointed opinions. The contents of this blog article reflect the opinion of the guest author.

“Light And Shadow” does not endorse the views of the guest author. The footnotes at the end of the article were created by the operator of this site. Terms like “psycho cult” are to be understood metaphorically and are used to emphasize and rhetorically reinforce statements.

The Beginning of the End:

I had my first encounter with Orlando Owen through a YouTube video about the ball exercise. I was going through a separation crisis and trauma. Reasonable therapists, for example, from the EMDR direction, were giving a bad reputation, so I found nothing. Everything else was unsuccessful, and suddenly, the ball exercise worked. At that point, he had me. The general therapeutic sector failed completely here, as there was and is help available, but if you don’t hear about it, even a miracle cure won’t help, and charlatans have an easier time.

He said he had searched for decades and found nothing better. Today I can say with certainty that either that’s a complete lie, or he searched so poorly that one must assume, not maliciously, but seriously, a lack of intelligence. There are many trauma therapeutic methods besides EMDR, which are superior to the ball exercise in every respect, and some can be learned on one’s own without taking such significant risks. I claim that he lied for money reasons. It’s understandable, but deeply reprehensible, as he not only blocks people’s path to healing but also destroys their future, which they would have realistically had without him. People like him belong in prison, in my opinion.

Presumption and Therapeutic Incompetence:

He repeatedly said not to pass on the ball exercise to others*, with reasons like “one can have an abreaction” or some vague harm, and if anyone asked what that meant, they were attacked in the Facebook group. It is correct that it is dangerous, it would go beyond the scope here; one can inquire at psychiatric institutions or approved trauma therapists about what kind of harm it is.** The fact is that he is responsible for creating it through what he himself passes on; he probably made these so-called warnings mainly to prevent competition. The harm arises because the ball exercise lacks a stabilization aspect, and without information and emergency techniques, one is at risk of becoming psychologically sicker. The trap here is that it is possible, under these circumstances, to resolve a trauma, yes. But the resulting harm is often not worth it. Many people ended up doing worse due to the regular application of the ball exercise. That is the reason, and what happens if that happens? Yes, nothing, of course, as one could see in the Facebook group. In the end, one is scolded because they say that something is wrong. Almost always, another method is more suitable and logically simply more sensible, apart from that.

Manipulation through Emotional Violence and Blackmail:

I had already wondered why his customers always looked so broken and, yes, unattractive. After all, the opposite should be the goal. Well, that would be a conclusive explanation for me. When you consider that he wants to make these people believe that there is no reasonable help outside of his bubble, it becomes really grotesque. I still remember when people came across things and asked in the group if it was good for trauma, they were quickly silenced by some loser who wanted to ingratiate himself or sometimes by Orlando himself. I understand that it’s about money, and people’s health is of secondary importance to him. But if he goes this far, I advise everyone to turn their backs on him before he can cause even more damage, which is often hardly reparable later. Of course, it’s difficult when you’re at a level where you believe that, apart from Orlando Owen, no one can help you. Because that’s what he implies when he keeps saying that there is nothing better and that conventional medicine is supposedly so stupid. One time, I think it was “Foundations” or “Me Back,” I don’t remember, but maybe you do, he actually said that psychiatric institutions can’t help you, and that is factually a lie.*** Call them and inquire about trauma therapy, and if possible, get therapy; you will see for yourself. Unbelievable that someone gets away with such statements. I myself didn’t think that was possible back then, but I also didn’t want to admit it, so I believed him. Don’t be so naive and make the same mistake as me; you could pay a high price for it.

I also found this talk of masculinity odd. In my opinion, everyone is masculine or feminine, depending on what they are born as. Even people who are not attractive, they don’t choose that. The question is, are they an attractive woman or an attractive man? However, this is simply confusing and leads to where I saw Orlando’s customers. Masculinity can mean everything and nothing; some tried to fulfill stereotypical clichés, which didn’t convince me; some tried to work on their voice and body language, which also didn’t convince me; some behaved rudely because they supposedly had to be “alpha,” which convinced me the opposite. None of them convinced me, and the problem wasn’t me, as they would have at least had some sort of success. But that too was absent, of course. The topic of life purpose was also completely misguided and, as far as I can see, only served to disorient and unsettle people. Whenever they asked questions, they were regularly cut off, I claim, to maintain the state of disorientation. What purpose could that serve? Without orientation, there is no viable path. Without a viable path, no path taken. Without a path taken, no results or only bad ones. If the affected people have an additional reason to stay in this bubble, it is a good basis for milking them financially until they give up. And that can take time, depending on how stubborn they are. But what does reality look like, are these just baseless accusations on my part, or when we look at the people, could there be something to it?

Abysmal Results:

With Felix, you couldn’t see it that way. If I were a female, he probably wouldn’t be my type, but objectively, one cannot say that he has nothing. On the other hand, it was different back then with his funny henchmen, and today it’s even more next level shitty. How they look, how they talk, their charisma, and then their behavior. All for nothing. Compared to an average person. Perhaps I’m doing them wrong, and they have something attractive or charming about them when you get to know them better. But from what I’ve seen in videos of them, I don’t see anything desirable. On the contrary, if it ends up like that, it’s just not worth it. What’s the point? How low can one have been if that’s supposed to be an improvement of exactly what? And even if so, respect, sure, but where should that lead as such a person? After all, one would like to be perceived as attractive by their partner, right? I don’t mean fetishists. Sure, some people have no problem with that, but with someone like that, based on what they are, what is there to have? Isn’t it soothing? Doesn’t one want to offer something themselves, and shouldn’t that be what it’s all about? If it’s just about having something with someone, getting into bed, or getting the label “in a relationship,” **** the quality of the relationship, well, okay, maybe it’s not that important then, but I claim that many people want something beyond that. So, if that’s not in the cards, something must have gone terribly wrong. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’m just expressing what many people think. And I’ve talked to several about it. I find that alarming.

Factual Sect-Like Character:

Financially, that makes sense, of course. Because if you have such people as customers who don’t achieve anything for years until they eventually become exhausted and resigned and you keep them tied with the fear that there is no better help, they are less inclined to criticize, and the flow of money is secured. Research is difficult because as a normal person, it is challenging to access the subject of trauma, and affected individuals often don’t know what to believe, and inquiries are punished with hostilities or, if it gets worse, with expulsion. An outsider can say, then just leave, but that’s not how psycho cults work. People affected are manipulated to believe that a life outside ends in their total destruction, and you can see that here too. Because if the ball exercise and the whole package are truly the best of the best and the collective results are so crappy, then what would life be like without this nonsense? An outsider cannot understand this either because they know nothing about the manipulation and emotional violence, affected individuals cannot put it into words or feel ashamed. This makes help even more difficult, and at this point, they are heavily damaged, sometimes lacking the strength to seek help. From dozens of conversations, I can guarantee that this is the reality of Magick Male. Yes, a group that officially is not a sect can deny this accusation, but if you put that aside, what precisely is Magick Male then?

Corruption and Betrayal:

I was affected myself, but not blind; I knew that openly addressing these things, not like here but politely, could lead to something terrible. I was searching for help together with a friend I met there. I received unexpected and unwanted help through Manuel Ehrenmann. He is a pickup artist whom Orlando supposedly promoted to suck up to Maximilian Pütz. A big mistake. From a financial point of view. Ironically, because I claim that money eventually led Orlando to this type of corruption. In Foundations, he claimed that a man should not be corrupt, and he is indeed corrupt himself, haha. Not that I think much of such superficial statements, but it’s interesting to see that he is, in his own definition, unmanly. And then insist desperately that this is not pickup, even though it’s obviously pickup. The label was the real problem, and rightfully so. Pütz is an idiot, but at least he has the balls to stand by what he is. Although it is also so evident that denying it doesn’t make sense. Unless you’re targeting the dumbest of the dumb. Also an option, easy money and minimizing potential criticism.

The thing with pick-up artists is that they are desperate because they don’t get any women. So they do their “so-called approaching,” which, in my opinion, is even more counterproductive, and they have a thousand excuses and fantasy stories about how and why it can’t be done differently, just so they don’t have to admit that they are being laughed at by many people and have wasted their time and money, destroying themselves. And if nothing helps, they just whine and try to pressure you that way. Do you know that? Just like regular cultists, only a tad more pitiful. That’s actually not uncommon in sects; when they doubt their beliefs, they tend to proselytize even harder, to convince someone else so that they can believe in it more themselves. Simply because the emotional pain of realization would become unbearable. Now that you know what it is, you can just laugh at them when they try that on you. Works wonders. But please don’t take them seriously. It’s just an emotional attempt at blackmail, nothing more. Manuel Ehrenmann was a particularly pathetic specimen of a pick-up artist. Until today, I’m not sure why exactly he was promoted. He’s a single risk factor, and many others can deceive customers much better than him, simply because they appear significantly less repulsive.

I was at the MBS event, the Man-Bewusst-Sein (Male Consciousness) event. I already got to know him before that, and at that time, it was clear to me that Orlando was promoting him to suck up to Pütz, no matter what happens to us paying sheep. He was already a laughingstock to me back then, which, of course, I didn’t show. But when I saw him in real life, I realized how low I had sunk. At an event that was entirely worthless in terms of content, the promised grand ball exercise was also missing. Then I’m supposed to let myself be wrapped up by this pitiful caricature of, yes, exactly what, and pay good money for it? Exactly. When I got home, I thought about it again, but when I saw in the Facebook group that there was someone who said he had approached 50 women at once with Manuel Ehrenmann’s so-called approach and only got rejection, I had enough of this concentrated misery. I admitted to myself that I was manipulated by Orlando Owen and gave him money and time, just to be systematically destroyed by him. He won; I wouldn’t get back time, money, or mental health, there will be no compensation or damages, and he probably doesn’t have the balls to apologize, and there won’t be any understanding from the outside. I was in a bad condition and on my own because my friend was still hesitant at that time. I had to take this step alone first, but it was my best option, and looking back, perhaps even the best decision of my life. Thank you, Manuel Ehrenmann, for helping me to make that decision, you miserable, not entirely worthless ****.

Where the Exit Led:

Today, I am healthy, I went into the trauma therapeutic sector myself and help people who leave cults to process their traumatic experiences. I wouldn’t have been able to reach this point without my own exit, and a long and painful therapeutic journey awaited me. I encourage every affected person to turn to sect aids and psychiatric institutions, tell them that you may no longer be able to think clearly and need trauma therapeutic support. EMDR works very well and, when correctly performed, is safer and more effective in every way than the ball exercise. Don’t believe me, try it out for a while. Don’t burn bridges if you are not stable enough for the exit yet. Create a safety net for yourself, and when you feel ready, leave without letting them know or dissuade you. Don’t criticize Magick Male; that will only lead to them overpowering you with psychological violence, as they did with people before you, and then you’ll be unnecessarily worse off. Try to think logically, gradually expand your therapeutic network, but make sure you don’t fall for someone like Orlando Owen again, move, if you will, within the accepted medical framework, and focus on trauma therapy like EMDR, and everything will get better. I promise you.

My message to Orlando Owen:

You are a ******. **** you.

For legal reasons, the author of this guest article cannot be named here. However, he is known to the operator of this blog.


* I don’t recall that. As far as I know, it was about not doing the Bullet Exercise with another participant, and that the method is protected by copyright.

** In his best moments, Orlando has, in my opinion, shown that he has much more skill than most therapists out there. However, he has now, in my opinion, reached his limits, which he would, of course, never admit. If he did, MM would quickly lose participants, and there is, after all, a lot of money to be made!

*** I would strongly advise against it. My experience with “conventional medical therapy” / this field was catastrophic, and I would fully agree with Orlando’s previous criticism of the therapy system. If not even more so.

**** Yup. “My girlfriend sometimes yells at me for hours, and it doesn’t bother me,” said Bertram Timms from the team once. The said girlfriend is the third member in the MM team.

This text was automatically translated by ChatGTP from German to English. Accept my apology for any errors.

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