July 24, 2024

Note: Many thanks to guest author Simon for this comprehensive contribution.

Health is essential for everyone’s life, as without it, everything is nothing. Accordingly, it is not surprising that various aspects of this topic repeatedly play a role at MM, whether they are lifestyle-related questions or very specific medical concerns. This happens not always without contradiction and is sometimes absurd, as this contribution attempts to show.

The Covid Jab

It quickly became apparent that MM was very critical of the Corona measures, especially vaccination, which is probably a consequence of other political content (mentioning Trump, Q, Soros, etc.). This is not meant to be a discussion of the effectiveness, meaningfulness, or harm of vaccinations and measures, but merely to illustrate what Roland and team comrades have put forth. In the summer of 2021, he expressed in an Academy conversation that in two years (around spring 2023), all vaccinated people would be dead. Literally, he said, among other things, “The vaccine is deadly, we know that” (Talk #9) and predicted the death of 100 million Americans. Later, he somewhat softened that statement, suggesting it would affect only a majority of all vaccinated individuals, but still insisting that large parts of the population would die. The comment sections under all talks from the Covid era are also very exciting. Whether it’s Bertram engaging in verbal battles or Master Roland himself. Here’s an example:

“YES!!! There is more than enough clear evidence that vaccinated people are, in fact, ‘infecting’ their environment! And NOT with covid (which is a farce anyway!), but with so-called spike proteins. Some women had spontaneous abortions after contact with vaccinated women! (Abortions, if you will). You can also encounter sexual and potency problems. No vaccinated person is getting into my bed!!! I also keep brainwashed sheeple away from me!”

No vaccinated individuals in bed because they infect others.* That’s quite a statement – well, everyone can choose their sexual partners, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, since vaccinated individuals apparently live longer than predicted, the rejection of them seems to have diminished somewhat. In Module 12 of the School, Roland tells the following:

“I had several times very long, very intense sex with a vaccinated woman, and afterward, I had acute prostatitis and had to take strong antibiotics for 28 days. That was a year and a half ago at the time of this recording. And since then, it’s gone because of these proteins and this, these spike proteins – I know people who had heart attacks” (School, Module 12).

The solution for the spike problem is a three percent chlorine dioxide solution. This is particularly recommended by Bertram and others in Telegram groups. Roland says:

“That helps immediately. And for a while, I even dropped it directly onto my penis, undiluted” (School, Module 12).

Sounds unappetizing, and nobody really wants to know, but you can get such tips for 27 euros a month. Since we’re on the topic: I remember reading in the forum (caution: source reliability is very uncertain!) that Roland claimed to have slept with hundreds of women without any contraceptive measures, without catching any diseases or having any offspring. Should the interested MM participant try to imitate that?


When the School forum was still brand new, Mia announced her own webinar on the aforementioned “taboo topic: sex & unwanted pregnancy/contraception.” It’s admittedly also very interesting.

“This whole topic is one for which I personally developed a great passion in recent years. Because neither women nor men know much about the topic. We are kept in the dark by the pharmaceutical industry, and fear is being fueled. In reality, it’s super simple, and as a man, you can do a lot. Above all, you have to understand some basic things, and the topic loses its terror. It makes me sad and angry when I read such news, so I decided to do something for you.”

I will offer a webinar on this very topic in June 2022.”

The discerning reader may guess which webinar was postponed to July and then never took place. So, should one just go ahead and hope for the best?


The futile wait for the contraception webinar has made me hungry, so I look to the refrigerator. But what to eat? Roland has engaged in the topic of nutrition at countless places, with two publicly accessible YouTube videos alone. In those videos, he practically recommends a ketogenic diet: lots of meat, fish, eggs, no carbohydrates. In one of the videos, he says he eats 40 to 60, sometimes 100 eggs per week and two kilograms of raw beef. This isn’t inherently bad, but it seems somewhat peculiar. He correctly points out that the old concern about high cholesterol from eggs is unfounded, as the diet hardly affects the cholesterol level in healthy individuals.

However, what doesn’t fit with the ketogenic diet is grains. According to Roland, these are poison for the body – grains, rice, potatoes. “What I never ever eat [and here comes the relativization] – okay, I eat pizza every two weeks” (Video: Forget everything you think you know about nutrition!). So, not never after all. One wonders: If grains are so toxic (and especially wheat flour has significant negative health effects in larger quantities), why does he eat pizza then?

In the same video, overweight and fat deposits are attributed solely to psychological factors and the amount of consumed carbohydrates. Roland does not address caloric surpluses and deficits at all, even though they obviously play a role as well. He once explained his own beer belly by having a weakness for beer. His inner critic, who has become a friend, prevents him from drinking more than two beers in the evening. Unfortunately, our part-time nutritionist doesn’t mention that alcohol is also toxic (and can lead to overweight).

Cold-Pressed Juice

What seems to taste as good to him as beer is vegetable juice – cold-pressed. For this, the MM team sometimes promotes extremely expensive juicers. However, Roland doesn’t make the juice himself but has it served to him – even during live streams – by Mia. This beverage seems to have miraculous powers. When the former colleague Christian S. is mentioned during the Prayer Talks as having cancer, Rolando criticizes his decision to undergo chemotherapy. He would try to get rid of the tumor with his vegetable juice instead. Like many other things, this advice is hardly contextualized, making it appear somewhat unreliable, but the community enthusiastically embraces it. Anyone who speaks against it must be silenced.


* There is actually some evidence for this. Orlando is likely talking about so-called “shedding,” for which there is also a patent and some statements from the pharmaceutical industry. This involves “passive immunization” through the breath of vaccinated people, which is said to “infect” unvaccinated people. I don’t know how advanced this technique is and whether Covid vaccines are equipped with such a “feature.”

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