June 18, 2024

Note: This is a guest post from an experienced participant, and the operator of this website knows the name and other details of the author. The content reflects the author’s experiences and opinions.

Originally published on July 31, 2022.

This post is not intended to settle scores, and it is also not about airing dirty laundry. However, for those considering joining Magick Male, it’s important to form an opinion beforehand. I was involved for several years, participated in workshops, and booked programs, which allows me to make my own assessment.

My Experiences with the Workshops, and Their Consequences

In his marketing and workshops, Orlando always talks about how it’s possible to release emotional issues at the deepest level through the Bullet Exercise. Indeed, Orlando masterfully manages to hit on one’s issues. How does he do it? I have no idea, but it works. The problem is that after the workshops, you are left completely alone with your issues. In my case, I subsequently fell into a depression from which I could only liberate myself with great effort and over the course of years.

That’s what I find so unhealthy about Magick Male: While issues are felt and “bulleted,” it is allegedly utterly inconsequential to engage with them. This leads to a complete lack of self-reflection, which, in my opinion, is evident not only in many participants but also in Orlando himself. Yes, Orlando is right that wallowing in one’s issues, spinning the thought carousel, and only pondering won’t help. But simply feeling and supposedly releasing these issues without also (yes!) intellectually addressing the underlying structure results in wallowing, especially since it’s not as simple as just bulleting these issues away.

Cult-like Traits?

What’s dangerous is that Orlando also devalues all other forms of help. Psychotherapy is deemed worthless because, in his opinion, it might help you understand why you feel bad, but you can’t do anything about it. And other coaches, according to him, are basically useless, far from being as competent as he is. So, you end up being alone with your issues, and the seemingly only way out is to pay 2,000 euros for the next workshop. Orlando thus creates a dependence that is more than problematic and ultimately – whether consciously or unconsciously, that’s up for debate – resembles the manipulative and highly problematic practices of other coaches and trainers, whom Orlando has already referred to as manipulative and highly problematic for exactly these reasons.

Orlando’s blind fury against anything that doesn’t align with his worldview is not only a sign of strong values and principles but also clearly indicates that this man carries a huge shadow with him. Someone who needs to disdain and devalue almost the entire world simply isn’t at peace with themselves and hasn’t resolved their own issues. It’s a shame because, like Patrick (the operator of this site), I also believe that Orlando actually wants to genuinely help other people and means well. However, his shadow and self-aggrandizement stand in his way, causing a lot of harm in the process.

Feedback Culture and the Toxic Community

Unfortunately, the feedback culture at Magick Male is very unhealthy. This is due, on the one hand, to Orlando, who cannot handle constructive feedback, and on the other hand, to all the clowns and sycophants in the forum who gaze at Orlando with every utterance in the hope of receiving his favor and approval. Supposed kicks in the rear and announcements serve more for self-promotion than the purpose of genuinely helping the participants. This also contributes to an unhealthy dynamic that is detrimental to mental well-being. It is highly problematic that individuals, who themselves carry massive issues, are let loose on people who are sometimes in a mental crisis. The behavior of many forum members is really nasty and creepy, and here, clear cult-like traits are already showing.

My Conclusion: Caution is Advised!

Naturally, things can develop differently than planned, but it would be Orlando’s responsibility to intervene here. His failure to do so is a clear leadership failure. Either his own company has slipped out of his control, or he genuinely enjoys this echo chamber and his position as the leader of this increasingly cult-like “men’s” community. In any case, this development, in my opinion, is very unhealthy, and I can only urgently advise everyone to keep their distance. It’s a shame because I believe that Orlando can and wants to do much better.

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