June 18, 2024

After all the negative contributions here, some people who are not from Magick Male might wonder why people come to Magick Male in the first place or why they stay.

The answer I want to give is: It’s magical.

It’s difficult to explain the switches Orlando triggers. Those who have never been there cannot understand what happens. It’s astonishing how he manages to stay – more or less – clear-headed and survive in normal life.

Anyone who has attended a workshop and even slightly opened up to it will have experienced the effect. Those who want to be triggered to the deepest depths of their souls and have felt what happens there are certainly in the right place at MM.

It’s an effect that is difficult to put into words. Nevertheless, I’ll try.

I still remember well the first time I experienced and felt an MM product – back then, it was the product “Winning Me Back”. In the first modules, it was about the topic of “subconsciousness” (in contrast to the unconscious, which is the collection of all suppressed and unconscious issues and mechanisms).

“The subconscious has a data throughput that is 800 times higher than that of the conscious mind. Who would you rather trust?”

“I fully trust my subconscious.”

It was as if someone had awakened something deep within me that I had always known, but it was buried under protective layers. It was scary like nothing I had ever experienced in my life (consciously).

Bypassing the conscious mind is one of Orlando’s greatest strengths. Behind it, he awakens a wisdom that can work through almost all problems. It can hardly get more painful, but it can’t get more effective either.

I had to experience that strength again in full force.

First Workshop (2015)

It all started in the Self-Awareness Workshop 2015. It is still difficult for me to explain here (and to myself) exactly what happened there.

I have never felt so bad in my life. What Orlando triggered here, as soon as the first trance began, was… unbelievable.

If someone can evoke feelings, it’s Orlando.

I can’t find many words here that can explain this on a deeper level. If anyone in the comments feels called to do so, feel free to write.

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