July 24, 2024

In the year 2015, after attending the Self-Awareness Workshop, I arranged a coaching session with Orlando. The price for an hour was 249 euros, a steep price, but it was the only way to get a chance to speak to him.

I remember the conversation quite positively. And since this page mostly argues critically (rightfully so!), I also want to highlight a relatively positive experience here.

Disturbed, Orlando Professional and Friendly

After the workshop, I was not in a very good state. It’s not surprising when you’re aggressively confronted with all your issues for the first time. This kind of work was completely unknown to me, and I had different expectations. Therefore, I took the opportunity to contact Orlando directly.

Orlando was relatively caring and initially toned down his usual aggression and stress. He explained to me why he hadn’t read my questionnaire (“it’s the energy behind it!”), which was already a very considerate approach towards me. Then he sought solutions, and we talked about all sorts of things, and his analysis on a meta-level (context vs. content, etc.) was very accurate.

Did it ultimately help? Kind of yes, kind of no. “Do something, anything!” was his advice in the end, to help me break free from my thought loops. And: “You won’t find a solution through thinking!”

Orlando admitted that he nearly went crazy during our conversation, but he made a genuine and profound effort to understand me and help me to the best of his knowledge and ability. He did it with more intensity than what I felt 95% of therapists out there would have done.


And he seemed genuinely concerned and empathetic. Thank you.

Just an Advice, but a True One

No one had ever explained to me before that my perpetual overthinking (then and now, I tend to get caught in incredibly complex and convoluted thought loops) was most likely not the way out of the mess. And it’s surprisingly accurate. Orlando is a clever man.

Conclusion: The Man Understands His Craft

No doubt about it. And he was really engaged in this conversation with me. My former accountability partner from the workshop commented: “It sounds like he’s really trying to help you.” And I can absolutely confirm that.

For me, it’s evidence that I’m dealing with someone relatively honest here.

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