September 23, 2023

Thanks to a member at Magick Male who forwarded me the relevant message from the Prayer Telegram group.

Oh dear. Magick Male has requested in the Prayer group that the prayers should include me*. Probably, they mean the “let all their plans fail” prayer that is “heartily recommended” to the participants in the group, and not the “death prayer” that some practice there.

Alongside that, there are some accusations, both against Felix N. and me.

Here is the message (see image evidence in the footnotes at the bottom of this page):

Hi guys,

I have a request for the Prayer Group:

There have been increasingly massive attacks against MagickMale and Orlando in recent months.

Specifically, by two people:

The 1st is Felix -> the ‘counterworker’

He stole from MagickMale, tried to destroy our visa, and now, after Orlando sued him for it, he’s trying even harder to harm MagickMale.

For that, he first incited others among the participants, tried to throw all sorts of dirt at Orlando

Ultimately, he then incited Patrick P. (probably even paid him) to write an entire blog (with regular posts) to drag Orlando, MagickMale, the other participants, etc., through the mud.

We have already taken legal action since we found out,

but they are just criminal, trying to dodge from one country to another, sometimes with false residence, etc… the legal path will take a VERY long time.

and we have to stop both of them.

Can we please include both of them in the Prayers for the next time?

This is at least as dangerous as the witch’s attack against Orlando.

  1. Felix N.
  2. Patrick P.
Source: Message from the Prayer Group forwarded to me

In addition to this, I would like to state:

  • No, Felix N. has neither paid me nor incited me to run this blog. If anything, I approached Felix.
  • The fact that I emigrated has been known for a long time. Orlando has explicitly encouraged it. No, I’m not concealing my place of residence through “criminal activities”.
  • No, I am not “dragging participants through the mud” here. I am describing things from my perspective that I (unfortunately) experienced at Magick Male.

Otherwise, I really have nothing more to say about this nonsense. Running this blog costs me less than 2 euros per month + the domain costs. I gain nothing from it, except being able to let off some steam for myself. And maybe do some educational work.

No one pays me, nor should anyone ever have to pay me for it.

What is true is that I have written to Felix a few times and asked for his perspective on things. I sometimes send him links to my articles to hear his opinion, and he tells me what happened at Magick Male from his perspective. And even that is very limited, as there are certain legal boundaries.

And in one (!) article, namely “Die verlorene Ehre des Felix N.“, he (at my request) added a few passages here and there.

And that was only because I wanted to include his (!) perspective in this.

It looked like this:

[Sarcasm on] Incredible manipulations, right? [Sarcasm off]

Not to mention that at the very top of the article it says that the statements in it are “from conversations with Felix N.” I can’t make it any more transparent, sorry.

It’s just sad. Orlando will either die as a lonely man in his dream world or surrounded by people who parrot everything he says. I don’t know how many Magick Males he and the group will emotionally drag into the abyss. Hopefully, not too many.

A Statement from Felix…

But since it’s so beautiful, I also asked Felix ** for a statement on this matter.

There you go, here it is:

“From my point of view, it is very sad what is happening here. However, I have finished with MagickMale after 11 years, am grateful for the experiences I gained, and have been dedicating myself to other things since I left. I was the one who left. That should say it all.

I can only advise everyone not to believe anyone unconditionally. Form your own opinion. Be a role model yourself. Don’t search for one.”

Source: Via email, from Felix.

…and one from me (Patrick)

I had to keep myself in check while revising this article for the umpteenth time, so as not to write a complete outburst of rage. You guys can continue to stay in your stupid pseudo… community? Sect? Cult?

Or which word fits best now?

After all, I don’t want to use a term that is really actionable, do I? …

It’s a shame it all had to end this way.

Orlando actually has so many good and incredibly strong content that all I can do is cry bitter tears. Sort yourselves out, and it will all be better for future seekers.

To quote Bushido (text slightly adapted by me, unfortunately, it doesn’t rhyme so nicely anymore):

There’s no small talk, there are no niceties
Which side you stand on, you have to decide for yourself.

I’ve now reviewed everything
In the end, all I can do is let the matter go.
It can’t be undone, no, man
Rest in peace, Magick Male gang.

I’m not just doing this for myself – hopefully, it works for me someday.
I’m doing this for the people for whom Magick Male meant something.

For everyone who has ever supported you
So that your gang can believe today that it is something

Source: Original by Bushido, adapted by me here.

PS: By the way, the opportunity to write guest posts here or leave comments is also open to everyone in the Magick Male team or Mr. Roland H. Bellstedt (aka Orlando Owen).

Uncensored and unaltered.

But apparently, the esteemed ladies and gentlemen there don’t dare.


* No, this is not a joke or a typing error. There is a “prayer group” with about 24 active participants (as of sometime in 2022) at Magick Male, and, separate from that, also a “Death Prayer Group,” where unwanted individuals are supposed to be “prayed to death.”


** In the original, it says “hate” here. I try to avoid that as best I can, as Orlando has shown me (and others) sometimes very loving sides, and I am not without fault either. That’s why I also try to write here as balanced as possible.

*** Oh, excuse me. I meant to say: the very generous and malicious “Master of Desaster” and opponent Felix. I didn’t know I was so cheap. A bribe of zero euros… Really pathetic.

Felix, I need to have a serious talk with you.

Photo evidence / screenshots of the message in the Telegram group:

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