July 24, 2024

Here’s the translated text, with code and formatting preserved:


A commonly used roaring “argument” of certain Magick Males now. It’s an old psychological trick to deflect from oneself, make oneself invulnerable, and justify every action towards others. As the context at Magick Male is quite special, I still want to address this incredible audacity.

Asshole Action in the Forum, I hear you coming.

Yeah, this article is here because a nice guy named Niklas wanted to use it against me in the new forum before I got banned. Absolutely delightful, the cohesion among Magick Males. But what’s really behind it?

“Take it as a metaphor if you want! I stand here as a good friend, surrogate father, mentor, whatever.”

Of course, a participant (including myself!) projects their wishes, dreams, and expectations onto the company Authentic Power Systems, the community, and Orlando as well. Otherwise, the whole thing probably wouldn’t work.

This is an essential part of Magick Male, and quite indispensable in working with emotions. Otherwise, I might as well join the military, uh, Bundeswehr. What an incredibly empty statement. Magick Male is bound to Orlando Owen; he is the heart and soul of the whole story.

Whoever lets themselves be lulled by this cynical psych trick should always remember (if necessary with CBT) what is being played out here. Don’t be fooled, guys.


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