July 24, 2024

It is really difficult to put into words the unfathomable emptiness prevailing within the Magick Male community. This void is filled with aggression and erratic behavior, crossing boundaries to the extreme.

And so many unresolved issues projected onto outsiders.

How often have I experienced in my childhood what lies behind this behavior. Deep insecurity. Of course, no one in this organization wants to admit that, and how could they? I myself have experienced how close I have come to my limits when someone is really struggling or when participants describe that they still feel bad after attending numerous workshops.

So far, so good. However, what makes Magick Male and Orlando incredibly dangerous is the “cult atmosphere” that Orlando creates through his charisma and his claim to resolve deep-seated issues. Orlando delves deep and brings up intense emotional topics, merely through his charisma and his connection to deep intuition (for those who don’t believe it, please attend one of his workshops, then we’ll talk further).

Yet, he himself is not aware of what he is demanding, and he completely overestimates his ability to help and guide people in truly resolving these issues.

Gigantic claims and a community in lack

“For some, it’s the journey from boy to man, but for some, it’s just the journey from nice boy to asshole. Envious ones, fools. And it’s so embarrassing, for all involved!” (Orlando Owen, Foundations Seminar)

Bingo! This admittedly high standard that Orlando sets for himself and his participants is absolutely spot on. Unfortunately, it is also an absolute reflection of the community. Anyone who has experienced and grown to love a dumb school class mixed with cynical students has never experienced the Magick Male community.

The small drawback? This community also aspires to be highly spiritual, mixed with typical Orlando phrases like “never give away your power” and “don’t contradict me (and if you do, I won’t take it seriously at best).”

“Three phases, like with a predator. When you get a few meters close, it becomes alert. If you get even closer, it goes into a threatening posture. When you get a little closer, it immediately attacks.”

But because many Magick Males are constantly under pressure due to tough issues and never want to be in the “victim role,” the destructive potential of this community is hardly to be underestimated. Everyone follows some vague idea of what needs to be done, what the context and goal are. Many bring their personal quarrels into the community and expect it to catch them. At the same time, however, no one really wants to open up.

There isn’t actually a real community. What is seen from Magick Male online is either superficial and shallow or unbelievably aggressive. Combined with concepts like the “wild man” (compare the program “Mann-Bewusst-Sein” or MBS), which are incredibly vague and difficult to understand and integrate, the mix becomes explosive.

Instead of resolving these conflicts individually among themselves, many try to find support within the group. Escaping this group dynamic is incredibly difficult if a participant is deeply entangled in an issue. It can be summarized as follows:

– The deeper the active issue for a participant, the stronger the desire to belong somewhere. The intense pull that Orlando, the team, and – in their destructive phases – the community build amplifies these dynamics massively.

– The deeper a participant is drawn in, the less they make their own decisions that are good for them.

– The more the “community” takes over, the deeper the shit a participant is in. The “cult mechanism” takes effect. Ironically, such a participant becomes even more dependent. The community is often of the opinion that the participant is “self-responsible” or (new favorite word!) “in the victim role.”

Imagine a black hole that, the deeper you get into it, encourages you to let yourself be drawn in less. And then punishes you when you try to get out.

Take Responsibility for the Bigger Picture! Be less boyish and more interested in your own issues.

But anyone who tries to merge into this community or find a new home there will be in for a surprise. Most Magick Males are – at least in the context of the large group – perfectly content sitting around together and feeling cool.

Human traits like getting sassy or feeling desperate – all things that certainly belong to “self-acceptance” – are apparently frowned upon among “men.”

Men Standing in Their Power? On Which Planet?

If you want to meet a bunch of idiots who – at least as a whole – don’t live what Orlando preaches in his programs, I highly recommend the “community.”

“Stop seeing other men as competitors,” “help each other”? Nonsense. The community suffers from all the things that all large groups suffer from, which all follow similar concepts but interpret them differently and start under different conditions.

You don’t even have to run off in the direction of “social justice warriors,” guys. You need your little “safe space” yourselves, otherwise you won’t be able to feel like true alpha males.

Conclusion: My beloved Magick Males perceive their own victim role as strength.

I believe that any reasonably sensible person would never want to end up in such a situation. Whether it’s the teacher who wants to pull his students into the same crap he’s in (and believes he’s a real “wild man” when he attacks and punishes a student who undoubtedly stands more firmly in his masculinity than the good Jonathan Dressner himself), or the guy who tries to defeat the Illuminati with car processions and “peace vehicles” (and whatever else he does there)…

Or the team member who confuses responsibility and masculinity with involving himself in women’s drama…

… They are all caught in devilish traps themselves. Instead of helping them get out of these traps with all the necessary means, Magick Male reinforces the participant to go full throttle.

I don’t even want to imagine how many “Magick Males” in positions of power, or even just as “buddies,” are traumatizing their fellow human beings.

Anyone who criticizes and points out these death traps is torn apart. It can hardly get more sickening and malicious than this.

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