July 24, 2024

There is a dynamic that I have observed many times. Those familiar with Hollywood movies or literature may recognize such stories from films like “Blutzbrüdaz” by Sido or other classics that don’t come to mind right now.

It usually starts with the idea of “we want to do it better.” Especially very emotional people often fall into something like this, for example, various “Reichsbürger” or more recently, as seen in Ken Jebsen, who actually wanted to create his own community in real life with a strong focus on alternative medicine and other topics.

What it eventually becomes can be seen in groups like “Colonia Dignidad.” When individuals do not have the space and opportunity to unfold freely in a group or work environment, things quickly become more fanatical and intense. This can eventually lead to tyranny and various forms of aggression, either against others or within the group itself.

Against the System or Building Something New?

I have also observed the same phenomenon with Magick Male. Orlando passionately and rightfully rails against media brainwashing and how the system wants to keep individuals down. However, I have seen the same, and even more intensely, within Magick Male. The same kind of spying and denunciation exists there.

By the way, I also engaged in this behavior once towards Manuel Ehrenmann. He had released a hypnosis product that bordered on the usual charlatanism or at least the “classic” hypnosis rather than all the Orlando stuff.

But back to Magick Male.

As a Rebel, Free Thinker, Creative Mind – Great. As a Leader – A Disaster: Orlando Owen

I think this small heading says it all. Orlando has lived in the “alternative” world for so long that it’s probably very difficult for him to understand the perspective of an average person. I won’t forget a podcast episode where he talked about how difficult it was for him to find an apartment in his new home, the small town of Fort Lauderdale. Landlords and owners simply weren’t interested in him because others had more money.

It’s a harsh descent from the spiritual Orlandoworld, and it must hurt a lot if he were to fully grasp it. The same thing happens to participants when they break out of the MM emotional world. The inner world is too disconnected from the real world, and when something hurts in their emotional world, it becomes very difficult to come back from it and align it with the real world.

I don’t know how well Orlando deals with it, and it’s not really the point. Actually, I wanted to get at something else:

The MM World from the Company’s Perspective…

“Work is waiting for you!” “You must be really into Magick Male!” These were the hiring criteria for a marketer position at MM, according to a job advertisement. Understandably, a regular professional would hardly put up with the absurd world of Authentic Power Systems.

Or would they? In any case, it’s quite noticeable how much Magick Male seems to resemble a hardcore corporation from the inside, just like any employer. There is probably no room for free development or tolerance for mistakes anymore.

Thankfully, Magick Male is still very small. I would definitely not like to work there, mainly because I probably wouldn’t be able to fully express my creativity or share my personal experiences.

It must be an incredibly stressful and emotional job, full of stupid little tasks that Orlando himself used to be too good for until recently. I won’t forget a post in the old DeinDateDoktor forum where he offered a free workshop if someone would just “set up a website for him without having to deal with all the technical crap.” Not a direct quote, but something along those lines.

Conclusion: Those Who Want to Do Better Often Become Worse Than the Original

Both the community and the company MM (probably) are a bunch of fanatics. Surrender your brain and personality at the gate, and destroy the last remnants of your self-esteem, then you can join us and completely ruin yourself.

I don’t know how things run within the company itself. After all, there might be a more direct connection to Orlando, and maybe people get to know more about what’s really going on (although that seems doubtful; Felix N. hinted at something like that in the forum). If you’re not part of the inner circle, brace yourself. But this time, not for an exciting adventure with ups and downs, but for an adventurer and ex-militiaman/mercenary who now wants to run a company.

Ouch. It sends shivers down my spine.

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