September 23, 2023

Note: This is my personal view of things and is based on my own observations and conversations with Felix. It may not correspond to the facts. Only the parties involved know what really happened behind the scenes.

Those who were active in Magick Male until 2020 may still remember Felix, the former manager and right-hand man of Orlando (real name: Roland H. Bellstedt). He can still be found in some products, such as the Foundations Seminar, as Orlando’s “announcer”. Orlando once referred to him as “the real entrepreneur behind Magick Male,” while he himself was merely a “pure specialist.” Later, Orlando claimed that it was meant to be ironic and that Germans wouldn’t understand irony anyway.

In any case, Felix was a very important part of Magick Male for a long time. He was the first workshop participant in Germany and has been helping Orlando build Magick Male ever since. As a result, he was practically everywhere and omnipresent from the participants’ perspective. For example, he described to me via chat how he spent over a year making all the important preparations for Feel Different, organizing workshops and lectures, conducting online marketing, and much more. He also handled Orlando’s personal taxes, made tremendous efforts to ensure his wife obtained a visa for the USA, and handled a large part of the email support and product editing, among other things.

…in short, pretty much everything Orlando didn’t particularly like to do himself.

From Hero to Scapegoat for Everything

Until 2020. Suddenly, a participant in the forum noticed that Felix no longer had a forum account – he had been banned without any message to the participants. And only now did Orlando step in.

“What happened between me and Felix is nobody else’s business but ours! (You are) busybodies, and I even stand by that three times!

Felix increasingly struggled to come to terms with the fact that for almost 2 years, I personally held the reins at Magick Male to bring it back to its original course.

That led to more and more friction within the team. The fact that I am now taking control of the company again will benefit you as a participant greatly!”

Source: Forum post by Orlando. Recalled from memory.

Strange. Because a few weeks later, the tone was quite different:

Shortly thereafter, in a podcast:

“Felix is a wonderful person and so on, but he has no place at Magick Male anymore.”

Later on:

“I didn’t even have access to my own bank account – even though Felix was supposed to get me access!” (with a stutter, as if he knew he was making a false claim…?!)


“Felix pocketed the lion’s share of the revenue from the online products! How is that possible?”

And again, in another audio:

“Felix was always a counterplayer from the beginning. I hope one day he ends up as a civil servant in some backwater town, where he belongs.”

And further:

“If you’re listening to us now, you little asshole: We’re far from done with you. You’ll be hearing from our lawyer soon.”

Again, in a video:

“Felix is actually secretly gay. He can’t admit it to himself. And that’s driving him crazy.” (in a strangely staccato tone, with a panicked look in his eyes)

And then the absolute pinnacle:

“By the way, I was part of a paramilitary organization and committed murder. Just so you know. (Followed by indulging in violent memories or fantasies, in a tone that still terrifies me to this day). If you try anything against us, Felix, you know what could happen to you.”

Source: Orlando Owen, various audios and a video stream on YouTube. Recalled from memory.

What Felix Says About the Accusations

So what did Felix do to deserve this treatment, one might wonder. Therefore, I contacted him and asked for a statement. His response:

“I am very disappointed that Orlando/Roland reacted this way after my decision to leave Magick Male after over 10 years (this decision was not easy for me). I would have expected a respectful approach, but unfortunately, that was not the case in recent years, nor after my departure.

I honestly don’t know what to say to these absurd accusations. I can only shake my head in disbelief and am very sad that some participants, for whom I sacrificed myself for years, would even believe him.”

Source: Statement from Felix N.

He also told me that around 2019, he had been in contact with a local coach from Munich, whose experience he initially wanted to use to further develop the company. However, through the coaching, it became increasingly apparent to him how tormenting the relationship between him and Orlando was. He also discussed this with Maximilian P., a well-known German seduction coach, as well as many close friends. All of them were of the opinion that Orlando was using Felix as a “dumping ground for his soul” and that Felix needed to set boundaries and not tolerate it anymore – instead of sacrificing himself more and more.

Clearly Proven: Orlando Publicly Accused Felix of “Conspiring against Him” with a Third Person

Clear evidence available to “Licht und Schatten” confirms that Orlando accused Felix internally, in the presence of a “business consultant,” of being practically “under someone else’s control.” Orlando had already said something similar in a podcast, so it’s not a big surprise.

Aside from Orlando comparing Felix to Joe Biden, or at least implying that he was allegedly acting against him in a similar way to the US election, Orlando tried to set his own “frame” and “context” here, as he so often does. Felix understandably didn’t find that particularly funny. Felix tried to focus on the fact that Orlando used intimidation tactics within the team – Orlando “overlooked” that, to put it mildly.

And the dubious insinuations of “extremely narcissistic individuals” supposedly working against Magick Male are very reminiscent of a “little child lashing out wildly” (as it would probably be called in Magick Male jargon) and preferring to identify an “enemy” outside rather than questioning himself and his own behavior.

“You have to decide which side you’re on!”

These were some of Orlando’s final words before first a team member and then Felix himself voluntarily threw in the towel.

What should be made of this situation? Was Felix simply burned out in the end and trying to take some pressure off himself? Was there some kind of pre-arranged intrigue by a third person to sabotage Orlando? Or did Felix simply have enough at some point, not only taking on an incredible amount of work for Orlando professionally but also personally, which Orlando either was not capable of or unwilling to do?

My Assumption: Felix had simply had enough. And when he tried to preserve his own sovereignty and well-being, Orlando sensed that he might have one less servant.

In line with this, Orlando’s more than confusing statements, such as Felix being “secretly gay,” he “didn’t receive access to his own bank account from Felix,” and the strangely vague yet brutal threats, fit perfectly. Orlando sees himself as the “Big Boss” and the center of the universe. It doesn’t fit so well when subordinates suddenly want to act independently and express their own opinions.

Continued in Part 2: The truth about the revoked visa and what Felix says about the specific accusations against him.

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