September 23, 2023

Note: This is my personal view of things and is based on my own experiences, impressions, and extensive conversations with Felix N. There is no claim to completeness or accuracy. Only the parties involved know what happened between Orlando and Felix. If Magick Male wants to present its own version of events, they can contact me via email, of course.

In the first part of this series, I shed light on the story of Felix N. and his “departure” from Magick Male. It caused quite a stir, and among other things, Magick Male claimed that I was being paid by Felix and asked people to pray against me and this project. They also alleged that Felix had instigated me to run this blog.

Instigated, as if I were a dim-witted three-year-old. My goodness.

Anyway, in Part 2 of this article, let’s delve into more specific matters. I will present Orlando’s accusations against Felix one by one, along with Felix’s counterarguments. The reader can decide for themselves whom to believe. Of course, Magick Male also has the option to present their own perspective on these matters, but that seems unlikely.

Overview of the accusations:

After Felix N. threw in the towel at Magick Male, Orlando (real name: Roland H. Bellstedt) and his team gradually began making increasingly harsh accusations against Felix.

  • Felix allegedly maliciously canceled his visa at the US consulate, which indirectly caused Bertram and Mia Lanze’s visas to be canceled, resulting in their expulsion from the USA. (Here you can find a more detailed explanation by Felix)
  • Felix allegedly denied Orlando access to his own bank account.
  • Felix allegedly “systematically worked against” Magick Male, although the specifics are not clearly mentioned. Among other things, Orlando claimed in a podcast that the former forum and the MM Academy were “just sloppily put together,” or at least something along those lines.
  • Bertram (name changed here), Orlando’s new right-hand man, mentioned in preemptive obedience that certain problems were chaotic, dysfunctional, or whatever, “only because of Felix.” Whether to divert attention from himself and secure Orlando’s favor or because he genuinely held this opinion remains uncertain.
  • And to top it off, Felix allegedly stole money from Magick Male. Orlando does not provide specific details, only mentioning that Felix pocketed “2/3 of the income from online products.” Bertram also explicitly mentioned “stealing money” without specifying further.

The Issue with the Visa

There was a huge commotion when the USA visa for Bertram and Mia Lanze, Orlando’s new team, was suddenly revoked. Orlando initiated a “prayer group” and implicitly requested participants to pray to the “great creator god” for the well-being of Magick Male in general and for the successful reapplication of the visa in particular.

Orlando claims that Felix acted with malicious intent to destroy Magick Male.

“Felix could have simply done nothing. Instead, he went to the consulate and canceled the visas. Since Bertram’s and Mia Lanze’s visas were tied to this visa, he might have wanted to get them expelled from the USA.” (Here you can find a more detailed explanation by Felix)

Source: Academy Talk / Fireside Talk, Quote by Orlando. According to memory protocol.

Felix, of course, has a different take on the matter.

“I had to cancel my visa because Orlando didn’t respond to my email after I left.

In that email, I offered to professionally resolve all pending issues. Since there was no response after two months, and as he bad-mouthed me in public, I wrote to the consulate stating that I am no longer part of the company (also to avoid being liable and fearing tax consequences).” I was aware that the authorities might question the status of Bertram & Mia Lanze’s visas, but at some point, I had to look after myself.

I wished for an acceptable solution for both parties, but Orlando didn’t respond.”

Source: Felix N., via Telegram

A more detailed explanation by Felix N. regarding the visa issue can be found here:

Indeed, this seems like a plausible response to me. I cannot be certain, but Felix’s decision to disassociate himself from Magick Male completely (even legally) after his departure appears entirely reasonable. Especially considering Orlando’s own statement that “when leaving a company, ex-employees lose all access to the company immediately.”

It seems only natural that Felix reacted in a similar way, albeit after two months – given the circumstances.

Emotions Instead of Facts? Orlando’s View on Business Matters

Orlando is known for being strongly aligned with his emotions or at least aspiring to be. He once said, “I live 80% in my left brain hemisphere, which is the intuitive and emotional part. The same place where madmen and religious fanatics reside.” It’s his prerogative and part of his working methodology.

However, this emotional approach might often be a hindrance in a business context. Perceived truths are not necessarily objective, especially when dealing with “hard facts and figures.” To survive and thrive in a world governed by such facts, someone like Felix is needed, as Orlando himself mentioned at various points.

Felix also reports this in his own words. He claims that Orlando might not always have a clear overview:

Licht und Schatten: “What about Orlando’s claim that ‘expenses will grow in parallel, no matter how high the revenues are?’ Wasn’t Magick Male profitable for Orlando?”

Felix N.: “That’s just nonsense. He made such statements constantly. Then I sat down with him and soberly went through all the numbers. Then he said, ‘Ah, okay, I was wrong there’ – only to lash out again two weeks later because he slept poorly or someone posted something negative under his video. And once again, all logic went out the window.”

Licht und Schatten: “So, by then, Magick Male was established enough for everyone involved to live comfortably without overworking themselves?”

Felix N.: “Yes, absolutely. Of course, everyone has different private expenses ** & financial expectations, but from my perspective, we could all live quite well from the company’s revenues.”

Source: Conversation with Felix N. on Telegram. Orlando’s statements on revenues and expenses are from the “MBS” live event.

In addition, Felix writes:

Orlando is very driven by emotions, and decisions often changed depending on his mood. Sometimes he was completely convinced of something, and when we executed it, he suddenly changed his mind. At times, he was very confident, and in the next moment, he was very insecure. This, coupled with increasing black-and-white thinking, didn’t bode well.

Interim Conclusion: Felix’s Account Seems Convincing. At Least More So Than Orlando’s

Based on all the information I could gather, Felix’s statements appear to make more sense than Orlando’s. They reinforce my suspicion that Orlando’s decision was more emotional than rational, and the supposed “justifications” can be seen, at best, as metaphors.

However, why do these accounts differ so significantly? Is one side lying, or is the truth somewhere in the middle? Part of the story might be hidden in a document of which I am aware, but I cannot publish it without consulting a lawyer, obtaining a notarized copy, and receiving consent from Felix N. Whether that will happen is still uncertain.

For now, I can only speculate. But we are not done with the list of accusations. So, Part 3 will continue with the story of the bank account and the alleged “working against” each other.


* I don’t like this phrasing. Here, it could also say “exploded” or “got angry.” As always, whether something is “justified anger” / “wild man behavior,” or “embarrassing childish behavior,” is a matter of personal interpretation.

** In a coaching session with me in 2015, Orlando once mentioned having “fixed costs of 5,000 – 6,000 dollars per month.” He seemed surprised that it was different for me. It is entirely his right, but it’s quite far from the reality of most Magick Painters, at least from those I know.

This text was automatically translated from German into English by ChatGTP. Please accept my apology for any errors.

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