September 23, 2023

Note: This article is merely my opinion based on personal experiences and extensive conversations with Felix N. There is no claim to completeness or accuracy. Only the parties involved know what happened between Felix and Orlando.

In the first and second part of this series, some accusations were examined, and an extra article questioned the story about the visa and Felix’s alleged attempt to harm Magick Male with Magick Male.

In the third part, we will focus on some particularly audacious lies, at least as portrayed by Felix.

One of the biggest claims:

“I was never sued by Orlando,” claims Felix N.

Yes, after about 2 years, the alleged lawsuit against Felix has never been filed until today. At least that’s what Felix claims, and I have no reason to doubt such a clear statement. Magick Male could easily clear or counter this allegation (an email to me would be sufficient), but they choose not to. Why?

Instead, there are dubious statements like us (Felix N. and me) supposedly concealing our identities by frequently changing our country of residence. From my side, I can confirm that I have indeed moved often, which, by the way, Orlando always recommended in a very aggressive manner, um, “advised.”

However, Felix N. emphasizes that his place of residence or his address for service is hardly a secret but prominently displayed on his website. I can confirm that to some extent.

I believe that Orlando simply got it into his head that “Felix is bad, and I will sue him,” and now he faces the uncomfortable problem that either he can’t or doesn’t want to implement it. What nonsense.

Orlando claims: “After his departure from Magick Male, Felix N. didn’t contact us for over a week!”

That is only half the truth. I have a letter that Felix sent shortly after his departure, offering Orlando to “professionally solve all remaining issues.” I’m not sure if it was within a week, but it was definitely very soon – according to Felix, 7-14 days after his departure.

Moreover, after the ugly team meeting that ended in a dispute, he didn’t really feel like just showing up again. His mood at that time was more like, “Let them contact me first,” which I find very understandable and plausible.

“Systematic Opponent”: What could that mean?

Licht und Schatten: Do you have any idea what Orlando could mean by “systematic opponent”?

Felix N.: I have always worked a lot and tried to make the right decisions. When you do a lot, you also make some mistakes. For me, these included, for example:

  • I hired several team members who turned out not to be a good fit afterwards.
  • I commissioned multiple service providers who later turned out to be the wrong ones.
  • I also wasted money on advertising that didn’t yield the desired results in the end.
  • And, of course, many smaller mistakes, like placing a wrong link or sending an email incorrectly, etc.

All of this “harmed” the company, if you will – but in my experience, it’s just part of everyday life.

I suppose Orlando means something else with this statement, something that is difficult to explain and grasp. Maybe he means my demeanor, my appearance, or even interpersonal aspects. In an audio recording, he described it as if I had built a kind of ‘black box’ and kept things hidden from him.

I can only say that I was fully committed to Magick Male for over 10 years and acted in the best interests of the company and Orlando. I did so many things, not only for the company but also for Orlando personally. If anyone truly believes that I was an opponent and that any success was solely due to Orlando, then I can’t help them anymore.

From the beginning to the end, I gave everything above and beyond the normal limits for Orlando & Magick Male. I worked through nights, no weekends or vacations, and unfortunately, a professional collaboration was only sporadic. Since 2013, Orlando has repeatedly written to me about how everything was terrible, and I have always tried to solve the problems (whether business-related or personal) and improve things. But the more revenue the company generated, the worse it became with him. In my opinion, Orlando is simply getting in his own way in many respects.

Source: Felix N., via Telegram and/or Email

Further Accusations by Orlando, and Felix’s Rebuttal

“Felix didn’t give me access to my bank account!”

Felix writes about this:

I don’t know what’s sadder: the fact that this is another lie, or that O., as a shaman, magician, masculinity trainer, and company owner (!), apparently didn’t get access to his own bank account from me. Even if it were true… what does that say about him? I would be embarrassed.

The truth is: O. opened the company account in Florida, and some time later, he gave me the login details so that I could handle things like bookkeeping and transfers for him – and then he regularly changed the access. Ultimately, he asked me (via chat) 3 times for access, which I promptly sent him each time. I can prove that if necessary.

“Felix stole from the company and pocketed 2/3 of the company’s income!”

Felix responds:

It is just an absurd claim that I “stole money.” It sounds like we were running a kiosk together, and I regularly reached into the cash register when nobody was looking.

In response, I can say: After each workshop and event, I provided O. with a detailed breakdown of income and expenses. I also regularly documented the revenues from online products and all resulting cash flows.

Regarding the income: In the first 1-2 years, I worked for O. for free, then for about 2 years with an hourly wage (first 10€, then 15€). This changed somewhat with the Foundations Seminar in 2013. Since I took care of the complete organization, post-production, and sales (I remember sending 80 packages with DVD sets to the post office), I thought it was fair to receive 20% of the sales. The situation was similar for other products and events.

Since 2014, I have always compiled a detailed overview of all the figures and sent them to O. I rarely received feedback on them. There were some situations where I soberly compiled all the numbers (and even had them checked by an independent employee with a math degree of 1.0). He came to the same conclusion: My share of online product revenue was always less than 1/3 – for workshops, it was 5%.

In mid-2020, shortly before I left Magick Male, I even waived any payments to me for months, so that O. could raise enough money to buy a house. This is just one of many examples where the reader will hopefully realize that Orlando’s story about me is untrue.

Orlando’s Dog: “Felix, after an expensive operation on my dog, laughed and said it would have been more economical to buy a new dog!”

Felix responds:

If I remember correctly, this situation occurred when unfortunately one of the dogs that lived with his wife had to be put down because he was very ill. His wife and, of course, Orlando were understandably very sad because of that. From my recollection, I expressed my full sympathy and condolences to both of them. I certainly did not say, “Just buy a new one.”

Whether I am an empathetic and sensitive person or a heartless one, that’s something everyone who has known me over the years can decide for themselves.

My comment on this: I can imagine that Felix made a flippant remark. But it is still a joke compared to the stuff that comes from Magick Male and Orlando himself repeatedly on other topics.

“Felix and another former team member, Jakob, took an embarrassing picture in front of my car!”

Felix responds:

When I was allowed to drive Orlando’s second car in Florida (a car in Florida is essential to be mobile at all), employees Jakob and I had the idea to take a few pictures as a memory. Jakob is a hobby photographer, had his camera with him, and for fun, we took a few pictures with this car for ourselves. It was quite amusing. As I had personal files (such as invoices, insurance documents, notes, and also photos) stored in the Magick Male Dropbox, Orlando must have seen them as well. I actually lost many of these files because Orlando removed me from the Dropbox and did not respond to my attempts to contact him.

“Felix didn’t want to emigrate, so he had no future at Magick Male!”

Note: I first read this accusation in a forum post by a participant, but it was apparently also made by Orlando himself.

Felix responds:

I remember very well that a day after the workshop in Florida, this participant approached me and said that he wanted to emigrate to the USA. Maybe even just stay here since he was already on-site… and he asked for my advice on what he should do. My impression of this participant was that he had great difficulty getting all the important things in his life sorted out, so my response was that before he hastily emigrates illegally to the USA, he should first think about building a financial cushion, inform himself, and calmly make a plan. In my opinion, emigration alone is not a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

Regarding myself, it is not true that I never wanted to emigrate. During the time at Magick Male, I had very concrete plans that I implemented very seriously. In Cyprus, for example, I looked at apartments and had appointments with tax consultants in the USA.

In this period, I had a girlfriend in Munich who found it very difficult to imagine giving up her job, friends, and family. Unfortunately, Orlando put me under a lot of pressure here, saying in team meetings that I would have no future at Magick Male if I did not move to the USA. This had a very bitter aftertaste for me and was part of this very negative development with Orlando.

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