September 23, 2023

Licht und Schatten asked Felix N.:

Licht und Schatten: What do you think of Orlando’s (birth name: Roland H. Bellstedt) claim that you intentionally wanted to harm the company Magick Male by revoking the visa of Mia Lanze and Bertram, Orlando’s “new” team members, after you left?

Felix N.: Ok, then I’ll take this as an opportunity to respond to these statements from Orlando & the team and explain my point of view. Basically: My visa was the so-called E1 visa. Anyone can research who gets such a visa and what the requirements are. One requirement in advance: A person can only get the E1 visa if they are at least 50% owner of a US company.

Only when a German (myself) owns at least 50% of a US company (and fulfills other requirements), can they then enable further German citizens to have a kind of sub-visa as employees of this company (→ Bertram & Mia Lanze).

Since Orlando did not respond to my attempts to resolve these issues after I left (and instead unfortunately spread lies about me), it became clear to me that there was nothing more to expect from him. I consulted with a lawyer from New York, who advised me to sue my share of the company. I decided against it because the emotional costs and the financial expense of a possibly long and complicated court process were too high for me, and after more than 10 years with Magick Male and corresponding company revenues, I simply wanted to put the matter behind me.

Informing the consulate that I am no longer part of this company was my urgent duty of care according to legal advice to avoid being held liable. In my position, I had legal and tax obligations related to the US company. However, if I no longer have any access to the processes of this company, I logically do not want to be liable for its activities anymore.

For me, that was the minimum self-protection, especially since Orlando was obviously not willing to find a constructive solution and instead tried to portray me as a bad opponent to his listeners.

All of this could have been discussed like adults after I decided not to be part of Magick Male anymore.

“Just doing nothing” wouldn’t have solved these problems for me; instead, it would have increased the legal risk. I don’t know if Orlando is aware of these things and deliberately ignores them for his representation, or if he actually doesn’t know them and just goes with the flow.

Source: Felix N., via Telegram message

As you might notice, there is a gap here. Did Felix own 50% of the shares (= company ownership) of the company Authentic Power Systems? This matter is more complicated and opens up a whole different can of worms. For legal reasons, I want to remain discreet here. And, of course, I only have Felix N.’s statement, even though it seems to be well-founded.

As always, if Orlando / Magick Male wishes to comment on this and has something to say, the contact is just an email away. I’m waiting…

This text was automatically translated from German into English using ChatGTP. Please accept my apology for any errors.

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