July 24, 2024

A conversation with a reader of this blog inspired me to write this article. He described to me some very intense reactions to the first seven Feel Different modules, which awakened my analytical side (once again).

First of all: This article will be partly flattering for Roland H. Bellstedt, also known by his stage name Orlando Owen. But only partly. So, if you expect a critique, you won’t get it here. But don’t expect praises either.

Stage 1: Triggering “Real” Emotions Behind the Mask

As my guest author Müller already put it succinctly in his fabulous article: Orlando excels at eliciting emotions and triggering all kinds of unconscious aspects. Suddenly, even the subconscious awakens, more or less returning to its original state. *

Then, of course, something very unpleasant happens: Depending on the degree and intensity of repressed issues, they collide with a personality core that is either in the process of rebuilding or at least transforming. This core lacks appropriate coping mechanisms for these repressed issues, in other words, it can’t handle them.

The only tools Orlando offers for this, besides ACT and CBT, is the “Kugelübung” (Ball Exercise). Nothing more. It’s a completely artificial technique that works on the issue, potentially bringing it up even further, releasing deeper and nastier layers, which are then intertwined with other issues, and so on.

Stage 2: “Help, I Have an Issue”. Vulnerability, Anger, Helplessness

All these things arise very quickly and intensely. And because good old Orlando is blasting on stage, it happens with potentially incredible intensity.

The so-called “Arschtritte” (ass kicks), which Mr. Bellstedt loves so much, lead to all kinds of “amusing” reactions. Once, a participant shared that he had dreamed about Orlando. In his dream, Orlando said, “Son, there is something deeply wrong with you!

How should the participant deal with it? Quite simply: with even more Kugelübungen! Lars, a participant, described to me over the phone how he felt worse and how further Kugelübungen seemed to exacerbate the issue.

And here precisely is where Magick Male starts to fail. And in some aspects, it’s not necessarily Orlando’s fault.

Stage 3: The Community Fails. Spectacularly.

… and it’s not necessarily their own fault either. Because helping is difficult, it requires commitment, and it can be extremely challenging for laypersons. I experienced my own helplessness and aggression when I tried to help my former accountability partner Johannes, and how quickly the pendulum swung, making me a living hell for him. I even screamed at him, which wasn’t entirely groundless, given my state at the time.

But if I hadn’t intervened and had let him “come to me,” the situation might have been entirely different. How can collaboration work like this?

Orlando himself says: It’s the responsibility of older and experienced men to intervene. In ancient cultures, experienced men were like “honorary fathers.” And as mentioned before, it requires commitment.

Does it happen? No, it doesn’t! There were never such structures at Magick Male, even though they were supposed to be built with special groups.** Whether it worked on a smaller scale, I don’t know. But in the large groups, or in the mainstream, it didn’t work at all.

Here, the participants fail. And quite terribly. Could it work differently? Difficult to say, without a leading figure, there is simply chaos.

Stage 4: Enjoy Your Personal Hell, Dear Participant!

Yep. And here we come to – a very unpleasant – Stage Number 4: The participant crashes. Maybe just a little, or maybe completely. And here, Orlando also reveals his true nature: At his core, he has probably remained the “Bad Boy” par excellence. In the typical arrogance of Authentic Power Systems, the participant is often left in the lurch, frequently even harassed or at least treated very unpleasantly.

If a participant crashes, they can expect a very uncomfortable mix of asshole behavior, helplessness, and narcissism. One memorable excerpt from the new coaching program “Orlando Owens School of Transformation and Magick,” where he, together with his new “protégé,” somewhat sarcastically emphasized that Magick Male is “not therapy,” and you should just dismiss others (especially women?!) with a simple “I’m not interested” so that they solve their problems themselves.

Of course, that will most likely apply to the participant as well.

Conclusion: In its current state, Magick Male is certainly not the solution it once promised to be.

Orlando is most likely burned out, the community is a powder keg, and from my perspective, Magick Male is definitely not a place where I’d like to stay with many issues.

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