June 18, 2024

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Anyone who is a consultant or part of the team at Magick Male should already meet a significant portion of Orlando’s standards. These include: Being less caught up in intellectual matters, emotionally relatively healthy, educated and capable of abstraction / independent thinking, not overly ego-centric, and tralala.

The objective of reduced intellectualization permeates all products, emotional health has always been a central cornerstone of the entire endeavor, independent thinking was almost assumed in the “Mann-Bewusst-Sein” modules, and the “Ego” (an exaggerated sense of one’s own personality) is supposedly clearly “exposed” in workshops like the FAMP, and overall, Magick Males are simply magical.

Is that right?

No, it’s not.

Case Study Manfred

Roland H. Bellstedt (aka. Orlando Owen) has a wife. I won’t mention her name here, even though it can be relatively easily found in the company register of “Feel Different Systems,” Orlando’s second company. And this wife has a son, let’s call him Manfred.

Manfred was briefly a co-coach at Magick Male and was at least once seen sitting next to Orlando in the boss’s chair at a workshop. I also briefly met him at the “Mann-Bewusst-Sein” event during a break. He also had a Facebook profile (I didn’t check it before writing this article, so I have no idea if he’s still active there). I once booked a coaching session with him. He was friendly but also seemed very down. *

And incredibly burdened. He definitely had a masculine presence, but when asked, he explained to me that he was “hiding behind this or that mask.” **

On his Facebook profile, he wrote something about “Pain,” implying that he defines himself strongly through pain. I have no idea exactly what that meant, but it definitely reminded me of people with borderline or some other disorder. It also reminded me of myself when I feel my emotions.

It must take a lot of strength to keep standing tall. My respect.

Case Study Martin

A relatively robust person; he used to be seen among the magicians more often. Before the Feel Different, I had a preliminary talk with him, but I couldn’t say much about the event other than that it was, as always, “high magic” from Orlando.

When I met him in person, he seemed incapable of responding to my questions. When I was feeling very bad at the SBS, I only received a somewhat strange smile and the suggestion to wait for the next workshop day. He seemed slightly “floating,” somewhat arrogant, artificial, and always distant. He also seemed like someone who is extremely hurt and has a lot of boiling anger.

Then, in the forum or the old Facebook group, he once wrote a sentence that was actually “felt.” He wrote that for him, it was still often a tremendous struggle not to let himself be drawn back into his mother’s world.

“Respect, Martin! That’s the first truly heartfelt contribution from you in a long time,” was the comment from a longtime Magick Male.

Unfortunately, that was the end of it.

Case Study Mia Lanze

The lady I have already heavily criticized in the group. For some reason, while writing this sentence, I think a lot about Isabella Swan from Twilight. Even she doesn’t necessarily always appear to be healthy unless she is sitting next to Orlando in the livestream.

Many quotes are very reminiscent of the heroine from Stephenie Meyer’s vampire saga, including quotes like “I just had an epiphany,” implying a sudden realization. She hopped around during the Feel Different event, apparently happy to be able to participate as a valued helper and team member.

Otherwise, she loves to dish out fiercely, and Orlando seems to really encourage her to do so. Otherwise, she appears very dependent on Orlando’s closeness and the “magical team clique.”

I don’t want to begrudge her that. Mia Lanze is undoubtedly a person who has been through a lot. But is she also healthy?

Yes, as long as everything goes well. But then, it seems to come through time and time again how she is doing in the team and in her relationships. “Mia can shout at me for half an hour, and it doesn’t bother me,” her partner once mentioned in a podcast.

And in other instances, I often hear quotes like “Oh God, now I’m scared!” when it comes to political content (or some quote from Orlando about the current political situation), and once she was even almost hysterical. “If the standard here can’t or won’t keep up, then I have to leave,” she once screamed, very sadly and hysterically, in an audio message.

Welcome to the Roland loop, Mia, that’s all I can say.

Case Study Bertram Timms

Orlando’s new right-hand man seems to be parroting almost everything Orlando says. “I am, so to speak, the manifestation of your tyrannical father,” Orlando once said, laughing, and you can see that in Bertram as well. At the Feel Different event, I was informed that he had been completely reprimanded by Orlando over a trifle, and he looked sad, exhausted, and down.

And, above all, he seemed completely overwhelmed when I once hysterically rambled on to him, probably because participant Titus **** did almost the same thing at the same time. Until he threatened to expel me during a half-joking, half-serious fight with Titus ****. Thanks a lot, Bertram.

You can tell how much he wants to please Orlando. I still remember very well how he mentioned once that he had almost passed out when his father had yelled at him for half an hour. The interesting thing about the way he contributed was how abruptly he did it, as if Orlando had given him the cue, as if to say, “Hey Orlando, I know something about that!” ***

Conclusion: None of them are healthy individuals. And certainly not in a state to lecture others. The Magick Males are too burdened and too confused for that.

* He explained to me in response to my question about the “kugel exercise” that it was Orlando’s invention, but he already had “a pretty good idea of how it works.”

** This is not intended to be offensive. I had addressed something I had perceived, but I don’t remember exactly what it was.

*** By the way, that’s exactly my issue too, and it could have happened to me in the same way. No hate, Bertram.

**** If you comment on my blog with your full name, then you shouldn’t have a problem with your first name appearing here. But please…

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