June 18, 2024


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Today: Romano Heinrich and the Power

Romano Heinrich. I met him for the first time in the forum, the master of facepalms and silly remarks. I still remember a post where I asked him about his experiences with an MLM sales organization for financial products. His rarely great response: “What?!”

Me: “Well, you have experience with it. So, how did it go?”

Him: “Yeah, but then I didn’t do anything about it… blah blah blah.”

The aggression was already noticeable in his text. Yeah, sure, Romano.

From former bullying victim to permanently aggressive construction worker

Romano himself says he was bullied in the past. Instead of working on those wounds, he now tries to follow the Orlando method, putting “becoming a man” ahead of “emotional health.” This is quite common among Magick Males, where no one is allowed to complain. At least not if they don’t want to be virtually slaughtered by the lynch mob (or something similar) – especially when it’s not one of the “they.”

Once, he dared to step out of his cover in the forum. Seemingly without the support of the rest of the clique and without following the “Wave.”

“Violence from a woman?” he asked hesitantly. I didn’t read the thread back then, but I assume he wanted to write about experiences of violence by women. However, it didn’t seem to trigger much response.

But now he’s the first to arrive at his new job at the construction site and the last to leave. If I’m not mistaking him for someone else from the forum or Telegram.

“Maul Patrick! I’m not oAgEsSiV!”

Those were his final words in the “Magick Male Discussion Group” when he left it with loud protest. The trigger was his refusal to accept that he had made no progress through Magick Male in recent years.

Well, progress is a tricky thing. Especially with deep emotional issues, it’s often challenging to recognize or read progress from the outside. So, I don’t want to do him injustice here. Working with Magick Male means opening up many deep issues and traumas – automatically, if allowed.

But, as always in the group, only one thing counts: the group. And even if the other Magick Males give terrible advice, behave or think disgustingly or helplessly, when real deep issues come up: the main thing is that the group survives and can feel cool. Among each other, they are actually bitter enemies, but the dubious feeling of “we are together” makes up for it.


Back to Romano.

A Romano goes to a demonstration

The Magick Males were apparently not represented at the first corona demonstration, but they were at the second. Good thing. So, I joined in right away.

It was – more or less – quite orderly there. I could chat with a few people, almost all of them seemed neutral to sympathetic. Everyone in their own little world, with clouded eyes. That’s how you look when issues are working.

I also spoke to Romano about the bitchfights in the forum. Friendliness in real life? No way. He reminded me a little of my two female acquaintances from a few years ago, Celina and Katrin, two borderliners at the young age of 15 and 16. Just with less good mood, less colorful, and with less interesting stories.

“But it’s authentic!” I replied to his angry talk about my forum posts.

“Yeah, authentic, yes, but…” Blah, blah blah.

In the end, I shook his hand goodbye. It was damp, without any tension. I could practically see how much Romano had collapsed inside. Not because of the handshake. He already was before that.

Proud and silly on Telegram…

Oh well. Romano was also there in Ahrweiler. In a video, he still seemed quite burdened but also proud, with a glimmer in his eyes. In response to my post saying that he looked much better now, there was no answer. Later, there was some chatter about how he “wouldn’t let me manipulate him anymore.”

Yeah, right. Sure, Romano.

Conclusion: Another victim of the “I’m not in the victim role” brainwashing

What else is there to say? Instead of resolving his issues and perhaps being angry with the people who caused all this mess in the first place (whoever that might be), he feels comfortable in the presence of supposedly like-minded people. So, probably uncomfortable. Or only sometimes comfortable. But as Orlando once said so beautifully in a workshop:

“My partner beats me? Well, as long as I have someone who beats me.”

Except that he was referring to toxic relationships that need to be overcome.


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