September 23, 2023

Disclaimer: It is a particular concern of mine to expose this participant in an anonymized form. I am surprised that no one has thoroughly confronted him yet. Or maybe not. Magick Male, a haven for proud non-warriors.

This article is strongly influenced by my experiences with teachers and other so-called “authority figures.” As always, if you see it differently, you are free to do so. Feel free.

Please read this page with the legal disclaimer in mind.

Oh yes. Orlando Owen and his values are quite a thing. He emphasizes time and again how bad the school system is, that the deeper a child gets into the vortex of the educational system, the more their creativity and self-esteem decline.

Teachers, leave them kids alone! All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall!“, proudly resounds in the “Feel Different“, the new flagship program of Magick Male. How much fascism wants to suppress masculinity.

And then there are very special individuals like Jonathan Dressner (name changed), the aggro-teacher of Magick Male. One participant once commented on this man in Telegram with the words, “Oh, isn’t this the teacher who projects hatred onto his students?” A top poster in the old forum, one of those who have been around the longest.

Teachers, Teachers, Traumatizers

An absolute expert in disgusting mudslinging, incapable of living up to his role as a teacher, an absolute conformist who believes he is the exact opposite because he is so “politically incorrect” – that’s Jonathan Dressner to me, all in one person. Double down, triple down, the old Orlando tactic, he certainly has it down pat. No, I’m not talking about the KFC sandwich, but the wonderful skill of shouting and repeating in a disagreement until he wins the war.

A post that I still remember very well: An aggressive, probably Turkish student (?) in his class apparently approached him threateningly. “Of course, I immediately confronted him and threatened him. The wild man inside me came to life.”

“But,” a fellow magician cautiously commented in the forum, “I think, yes, that wasn’t entirely right. The school system is more of the problem.” “Then the boy was just in his victim role,” was this little choleric teacher’s lame response.

Dumb and dumber. On which side should I stand now? On the side of the aggro student? I would have liked to be that in my school days; then such little unsympathetic people like Mr. Dressner would have shut up pretty quickly. But no, I won’t make it that easy for myself.

On the Phone with the Agitator

A few years ago, I had the man on the phone. A simmering gentleman, like maybe myself or certain other people who have all been incredibly badly hurt. He had some very good analyses that I could relate to at the time, and in the forum, he once made a very fitting statement on an absolute meta-level. Someone here seems to have understood Magick Male just as well as I have. Compliment.

Absolute KO: The Number in Telegram

Well, and as soon as I opened up in the Telegram channel, the top(…) came with a funny little comment. “Well, Patrick, are you now experiencing hard work? Sorry, I couldn’t resist, haha.”

Which resulted in an appropriate response from me. Then, of course, the tough guy couldn’t manage to reply and face his behavior towards me but instead blocked me.

Tips for the Rear: “Then just brawl!”

That was his advice in the forum on how to behave in an argument, like among men. That this would result in a forum ban from the proud team of moderators, and other very nice side effects, doesn’t bother this good man. And when a student brawls with him, it has very interesting side effects, as explained above, at least according to Mr. Super Teacher.

Jonathan Dressner simply has no clue. He makes everything easy and convenient for himself, at least until he explodes. All understandable. But someone like that is simply toxic as a follower or leader in a large herd.

Conclusion: What does Orlando care about his babbling of yesterday (or today)?

Mister “I-Became-A-Coach-Because-My-School-Time-In-Germany-Was-So-Traumatizing” was never a friend of children, as he confided to me in private coaching conversations. “Children should be seen but not heard,” according to a podcast, is his motto, and he personally told me that he can’t stand children.

I can understand all of that. But it once again clearly shows how little the contents of the products can be understood as a guide and how little they hold up in the trash heap called “community.” And how little Orlando, who claims to be interested only in the “largest possible context,” cares about the behavior down there among the peasants, uh, participants.

That this guy is not confronted at least as much as “softies” or “bubs” in the forum is a gigantic puzzle to me.


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