June 18, 2024

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This time featuring Seraphin Hasenfuß, the brave car parade hero; Ying-Yang, the rapping astrology expert; and Plenković, the eloquent Russian from Schmalkalden.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Seraphin

When I think of Seraphin, I am reminded of the tragic hero from Kai Meyer’s “Merle Trilogy.” However, here we are referring to the administrator of the “Magick Male Discussion Group” and a part-time organizer of car parades for world peace.

He seems friendly and divorced, and he enjoys sharing long, philosophical audios on Telegram, appearing much friendlier than the rest of the group and expressing himself more reservedly.

Probably separated from his wife.

But, as they say, still waters run deep. I discovered this when, after a seemingly relaxed phase, I suddenly found myself without writing access in the group. Seraphin found it very amusing to suggest with a little wink that Ying-Yang had told him “very interesting things about me” in private chat. Well, you know what they say about mischief.

Not really appreciated in the group, but still towing the party line, that’s how I know my Magick Males. And I’ve gladly been a part of this strange, destructive dynamic myself. Now, who is this Ying-Yang?

Rapper and Astrologer: Ying-Yang in The House

Ying-Yang is also a long-time member in the forum and community, the rapping astrology expert. As a hobby, he creates horoscopes and dabbles in rapping, apparently with very moderate success, and now he’s also on Telegram.

Orlando directly addressed the fact that being knowledgeable in astrology is wonderful but quite useless in the “Keep It Simple” podcast. “It won’t do you any good, Ying-Yang!” That’s the level of respect there.

During the pandemic, he was actively engaged in educating cashiers and other people, which earned him a police report. Admirable, of course – don’t take any nonsense.

He also showed some reason in the forum a while back when he admitted not always being 100% motivated and occasionally showing signs of exhaustion. It got a bit uncomfortable for him when he asked for donations in one of the main groups and posted his bank account number there.

Just a joke? No one knows for sure!

Of course, a welcome target for the dear magicians. Oh, someone can’t handle it anymore! Oh my god, how childish and embarrassing! This must not happen, as we always stand completely and entirely in our power, right?… He was quickly blocked, just like the ridicule from the group.

Ying-Yang also told me that he only got along with a few people in Ahrweiler. As always, one Magick Male is the best friend and worst enemy of another. Um, I mean friend.

Plenković, the Russian from Schmalkalden

I became aware of Plenković in the Discussion Group when he wrote about a small gang of guys beating up an older man. It apparently had something to do with the fact that the man found a young girl attractive and expressed it.

He lives in Schmalkalden (name of the place changed here, but definitely in a small town), which doesn’t have much to do with Orlando’s request to leave Germany as quickly as possible and move to the countryside.

In our conversation, he talked about his projects, appeared irritated by the behavior of the aggro-teacher Jonathan Dressner in the group, who approached him rather unfriendly, and seemingly defended me against Tom, who had shown some unfriendliness towards me. He also commented on Tom’s failed attempt to take over power with the words “so much winning.”

Here’s a small dialogue with him on Telegram:

Me: “What are you doing now?”

Him: “Writing something in the group, but first checking that I don’t write nonsense.”

(In the end, he barely wrote anything)

Apparently, he wanted to avoid a personal conversation with a call and appeared rather aggressive. Well, it happens. For my part, I did what you’re supposed to do with Magick Male – I opened up and showed my frustration with my fellow human beings, some team members, etc. I ignored his little ironic comments.

Suddenly blocked – The mini-drama unfolds

Aaaand suddenly, the contact was cut off, and Plenković began writing stupid comments about me in the chat. Something about “deserving it somehow” and that I would receive the reckoning. Reckoning for what? He couldn’t really specify.


“Somehow you deserved it.”

“A good authoritarian education is important after all.”

“But I’m just the dirty Russian!”

“Patrick, Mister I-Can’t-Follow-Rules.”

“You’re just trying to unsettle a younger person.”

“What are you writing about Mia Lanze?”

As always, quite undefined. Well, at least I was able to find out a bit about him. In summary:

  • Plenković feels bullied by his parents, who always accuse him of not understanding their issues with communism properly.
  • He has trouble finding a woman he can trust.
  • He apparently regularly drowns in his projects (?).
  • He has felt bullied and humiliated as a Russian.

Behind my back, he apparently stirred up others against me and revealed private chats.

Oh well. Don’t trust any Magick Male.


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