June 18, 2024

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Who is completely free of contradictions? Orlando Owen certainly isn’t. Absolutely superb if you’re looking for someone who provides input or somehow manages to reveal and recognize significant connections.

However, it’s an absolute disaster when it comes to healing. The full spectrum of manhood cannot be learned at Magick Male; the community is too volatile, individuals are too trapped in their own issues, and the community behaves in a childish manner.

Here are some contradictions that I’ve encountered over the years:

1. The Issue of Relationships, Respect for “Weaker,” and “Honorary Fathers”

“The biggest crime ever committed against boys was telling them that men don’t cry.” (See here on YouTube)

Remarkably true, Orlando. As always, eloquently and incredibly deeply and hypnotically presented. But then the community starts with shouting attacks supposedly meant to “wake people up” and with “kick in the ass” comments. There are also wonderful phrases like “stop whining,” “you complain more than some women“, and other great things. Orlando himself sometimes engages in the same behavior. So much for feeling comfortable.

Another example:

In the Foundations Seminar during the “Life Purpose” module, a man is quoted as saying that his life purpose is to give his children a good life “without curtailing them.”

Orlando’s comment on this:

So, the only good thing I see here is “without curtailing them”(…) My father always wanted to force me into something. He more or less destroyed me, not entirely, but he at least tried.

I took years to get out of this authoritarian pressure.

Paraphrased quote from Orlando, Foundations-Seminar and Ho’oponopono Introduction from the MBS. Quote composed of two passages.

Fantastic and well put.

But then it surprises me a little that the so deep and spiritual Orlando doesn’t say a word when Alexander Schütze throws his fantasies about education into the forum. But okay, the man can’t be everywhere.

And the community? No one – once again – speaks up. That would be a sign of courage. Instead, you try to curse Angela Merkel to death in a death prayer group. Are you guys alright? Start with the very basics!

2. Evil, Criminal Motivation Trainers: The Dependency of Participants on Orlando and Magick Male

Zitat Orlando:

These motivation trainers are really dangerous. “If you don’t book the €10,000 seminar now, you’re not worth it!” When a few people in the room didn’t go along, the whole group turned against them. “You will never become millionaires that way!” These are criminal, truly criminal, sales tactics.

Sinngemäßes Zitat von Orlando aus dem Foundations-Seminar.

And then it immediately starts in the community when someone expresses criticism. “If you want to leave Magick Male now, then I feel sorry for you!” or something similar.

I want to be fair here. The products are absolutely designed with a lot of heart to help the participants grow into independent, free, and emotionally healthy individuals.

In practice, some people want to continue to stay in the fascinating world of Magick Male, full of magic, solidarity, and the feeling of purpose.

And that’s where it starts to get difficult. What exactly is “your gift to the world” that you are meant to share with it? Certainly not being a little teacher berating students, playing at a demo festival, or aimlessly wandering around and trying to act magically cool.

In the first step – whether intentional or not – the participant is almost forced to become a mature, magical man. Or is this claim something that is automatically triggered by Orlando’s words? In any case, this claim is there.

The dependency runs as follows:

  1. Everything you have learned is wrong! Women HATE it when you’re in your head. Even if you’ve gotten a girl, it was probably just a lucky hit. All psychotherapists are shit and pure trash!” Oh, shit! How do I do it right then? Orlando, help!
  2. Oh, shit. The material is damn complicated and deep, and dealing with resolving issues is driving me mad. No problem, here’s the next product.
  3. Now I have even more question marks in my head! Help, I’m crashing!” “Oh, people!! Why don’t my messages get through to you? You’re all stupid, like little kids and boys!”
  4. “Oh shit. Orlando, help!” No problem, take small steps, and don’t be afraid of mistakes.
  5. No, stop! That was terrible, unforgivable, and embarrassing!” “Oh no! Now I have to either continue doing something that isn’t embarrassing, even if it’s complete crap, or make even fewer mistakes to avoid getting scolded.”

It’s a loop of issues and even more issues. A black hole that punishes you more and more for not escaping it.

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