December 11, 2023

Note: This is my personal view of things and is based on my own observations and conversations with Felix. This does not have to be the whole story, or completely accurate. What really went on behind the scenes is known only to Felix and Orlando.

Magick Males, who were active until 2020, may still remember Orlando’s (real name: Roland H. Bellstedt) ex-manager and right-hand man, Felix. He can still be found in some products, such as the german Foundations Seminar, as the “announcer” of Orlando.

Orlando once described him as “the real entrepreneur behind Magick Male” and that he himself was just a “pure professional and coach”. Orlando later claimed that this statement was meant to be ironic and that Germans don’t understand irony anyway.

Be that as it may, Felix was a very important part of Magick Male for a very long time. He was the first workshop participant in Germany and has since helped Orlando build Magick Male. Accordingly, he was omnipresent from the participants’ point of view. For example, he described to me via chat how he made all the important preparations for the Feel Different event over a year, organized the workshops and lectures, did online marketing and much more. In addition, he probably did Orlandos private taxes, worked hard to ensure that his wife received a visa to the USA, did most of the email support, cut product audios and videos…

…in short: He did pretty much everything Orlando doesn’t like to do himself.

From Hero To Scapegoat For Everything

Until 2020. A user in the official Magick Male forum suddenly noticed that Felix no longer had a forum account – he had been blocked without any message to the participants. And only now did Orlando intervene.

“What happened between me and Felix is his and my business, nobody else’s! (Some of you are) just a bunch of blabbermouths, and now I stand by that threefold!

Felix was finding it increasingly difficult to come to terms with the fact that I had personally started holding the reins at Magick Male again 2 years ago, returning Magick Male to its original course.

This led to more and more friction within the team. The fact that I am now taking control of the company again will benefit you as a participant very much!

Source: Orlando forum post. Text reproduced from memoir.

Strange. Because a few weeks later it all sounded a little different:

A short time later, in a podcast:

“Felix is a wonderful person and all, but he has no place at Magick Male anymore.”

Again a little later:

“I didn’t even have access to my own bank account – Felix claimed he was going to get me access, but he didn’t!” (with a stutter as if he knew he was saying something wrong…?!)


“Felix pocketed the lion’s share of the revenue from the online products! How can that be?”

And again, in a different audio:

“Felix was a counter-worker from the start. I hope one day he ends up as a clerk in a government agency in some shithole, because that’s where he belongs.”

And further:

“By the way, if you’re listening to us, you little asshole, we’re far from done with you. You’ll have a letter from my lawyer very soon.”

Again in a video :

“Felix is actually covertly gay. He can’t admit that to himself. And that drives him crazy.” (in a strange staccato tone, with a panicked look in his eyes)

And then the absolute climax of his rants:

“By the way, I was in a paramilitary group and killed. Just so you know. (Long wallowing in memories or fantasies of violence follows, in a voice that still frightens me to this day). If you try anything against us, Felix, you know what could happen.”

Source: Orlando Owen, various audios and a video stream on YouTube. Reproduced from memoir.

What Felix Has To Say About These Allegations

What on earth did Felix do to deserve this, one might ask. That’s why I wrote to him and asked for a statement. His reply:

“I am very disappointed that Orlando/Roland has reacted in this way after my decision to leave Magick Male after more than 10 years (it was not an easy decision for me). I would have liked to have been treated with respect, but unfortunately that was not the case in recent years or after I left.

I honestly don’t know what to say about these absurd allegations. I can only shake my head and am very sad that some participants, for whom I have sacrificed myself for years, actually believe these things.”

Source: Statement by Felix N.

He also told me that he had been in contact with a local coach from Munich from around 2019. At first, he wanted to use his experience to develop the company further. However, the coaching increasingly revealed how torturous the relationship between him and Orlando was for him. He also spoke to Maximilian P., a well-known German seduction coach, and many close friends. Everyone felt that Orlando was using Felix as a “soul trash can” and that Felix should step away and stop putting up with it – instead of sacrificing himself more and more.

Clear Evidence: Orlando Accused Felix Of “Plotting Against Him” With A Third Person

Clear evidence available to “Light and Shadow” confirms that Orlando internally, in the presence of a “business advisor”, accused Felix of being effectively “under foreign control”. Orlando said something similar on a podcast before, so it’s not a big surprise.

Apart from the fact that Orlando compared Felix to Joe Biden, or at least assumed that he acted against him in a similar constellation as allegedly in the US election, Orlando tried – as he often does – to set his own “frame” and “context”. Understandably, Felix didn’t find that very funny. Felix tried to shift the focus to Orlando using intimidation tactics within the team – Orlando just “overran” that, to say the least.

And all these dubious hints of “extremely narcissistic individuals” who are now said to be working against Magick Male, are very reminiscent of a “small child that is now lashing out wildly” (as it would probably be called in Magick Male jargon) and would rather identify an “enemy” on the outside than question themselves and their own behavior

“You have to decide which side you’re on!”

Those were some of Orlando’s last words before first a team member and then finally Felix voluntarily threw in the towel.

What is to be thought of the matter now? Was Felix just burned out at the end and trying to take the pressure off himself? Was there some set-up third person scheme to sabotage Orlando? Or was it just that Felix had enough at some point to take on an incredible amount of stuff for Orlando, including his personal affairs, which Orlando was either unable or unwilling to do?

My guess: At some point Felix just had enough. And then, as he tried to maintain or regain his own sovereignty and sanity, Orlando smelled that he might have one less serf now.

This also fits Orlando’s more than strange statements that Felix is actually “covertly gay”, that he “did not get access to his own bank account from Felix”, and the strangely vague but all the more brutal threats. Orlando sees himself as the “Big Boss” and the center of the universe. It just doesn’t fit too well when the subordinates suddenly want to act confidently and have their own opinion and ideas.

Continued in Part 2: What’s really behind story of the revoced visa and what’s up with Orlando’s bank account.

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