June 18, 2024

Alright, let’s take a look at this. The points quoted here are freely cited according to Orlando Owen, from the Magick Male website, which can be found here: https://www.magickmale.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Die-10-Punkte-der-Mannwerdung.pdf

Point 1: Male Essence

A very broad point that can also include many negative character traits. Okay, in some way or another, everyone probably has that in your place.

Point 2: Responsibility

Oh dear. Nobody at your place really takes responsibility for their behavior. The main thing is to sit around in the clique and feel cool, right? Responsibility also involves actively working to improve your life.

Who the hell still does that when they fall in love with “hard work”? What does responsibility have to do with continuing the same shitty jobs as before, even if you don’t like them?

“My marriage would be perfect if only my wife wasn’t there.” And the lives of numerous aggressive magicians would be perfect if only the world were different. Or if the students, subordinates, or wives would just show a little more respect. If necessary, it has to be yelled out, and if that doesn’t work, then the person is either thrown out of their life or declared a psychopath.

Good Lord!! Take some responsibility already and stop becoming a poor copy of your superiors, parents, and teachers!

(Oh, and: “I am responsible for making people do what I want” is not responsibility. That’s just aggressive pettiness.)

Point 3: Ethics and Character

What does a shouting and beating teacher have to do with ethics and character? Or how “outsiders” and the “weaker” are treated among you?

The longer a member stays in the Magick Male community, the more ethics and character seem to vanish into the abyss. Like a bunch of Antifas who eventually become nothing but “Fas.” And I would still prefer an unmanly man with certain ethical foundations over 10 of your kind.

Especially your leaders are a prime example of how to constantly live on the edge. Or how NOT to have a relationship. Sitting around with a single child and too much work is certainly not a sign of success. Nor is it a sign of ethics and character. Unless self-destruction (and being proud of it) is now a sign of masculinity.

It is your job to provide the members of the community with the best advice they need at the moment. And not to yell at them wildly because they don’t work enough, have the wrong issues, or something else.

Instead, you abandon each other and shit on each other. It’s pathetic. Absolutely disgusting (to use the language of a certain teacher from the old forum).

Point 4: Life Purpose, Intention, and Vision

BARELY ANY OF YOU HAVE THAT, EVEN TO ONE PERCENT. Instead, aggressive hard work, and trying to impose your own fallacies on others. It’s so embarrassing, and so far from life purpose or vision that I just want to stick both fingers in my mouth and vomit.

And: Whoever deviates in that direction, you hear almost nothing from them anymore. And they don’t get much respect for it either. Or support. See a certain astrology expert who once asked for money or the guy who now sells olive oil in Greece after deserting the Bundeswehr… and he’s still being torn down when he mentions an exciting book or something.

Point 5: Decisions, Clarity, and Commitment

Um, yeah. Just wondering why. See Point 4.

Point 6: Emotional Health

Yippee, exactly what you try to destroy in each other! And no, I’m not going to do a ball exercise just because it’s normal to address such things and speak plainly. Oh, but Alexander Schütze said that once… when it was about why it’s perfectly normal to knock down weaker people.

Wake up! You are heading downward and torpedoing anyone who tries to become emotionally healthier again. Or at least you are hardly able to protect each other in doing so.


Point 7: Strength and Backbone

See Point 4 and 6. Yes, maybe you somehow have that; Frodo from Lord of the Rings had that too, as did various SS soldiers, Islamists, and RAF terrorists. Some children even have more of that than you do.

You’re heading for nothing, and supporting yourselves in doing so is definitely the wrong way.

Point 8: Independence

Let’s see what’s left of that when Orlando eventually calls it quits. Or when you seriously want to change your life. Or when something really falls apart.

Or when you have to stand up against a majority. Or even just in front of one.

Try it out! I bet you’re much more dependent than you’d like to admit.

Point 9: Courage and Bravery

I quote Harry Potter (and by the way, also Orlando, see Feel Different): Courage and foolishness are often very close together.

Point 10: Presence and Authenticity

I don’t know. Most Magick Males seemed very hurt or very introverted. No idea.

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