June 18, 2024

Disclaimer: As always, this article is directed towards what is apparent in the “MM mainstream.” This mainly consists of a few individuals. The thoughts and actions of the rest of the few thousand participants that Orlando has probably had, or what individuals privately think and do within the group, is likely another matter. So, if you don’t feel personally addressed, please don’t take it that way.

To the Community:

Stop blindly following every whim and change in direction that Magick Male and Orlando take, like a horde of monkeys. Stop taking everything Orlando and his team say or do at face value.

Orlando has released many products with different core messages. And almost none of these directions are fully implemented by you as a community. The community is nothing but a toxic mess sustained by anger and pseudo-militarism. On a small scale, it may be different, but overall, it feels like hell. Or Scientology.

Orlando is much more dependent on other people and external circumstances than he likes to admit. He is not a guarantee of stability, not a reliable support, and not a source of ultimate wisdom.

He says it himself, repeatedly in his products, between the lines! Just listen to him a bit! The man is, among other things, a hypercreative and intriguing personality. In the depths of my heart, I’ll probably always have some sympathy for Orlando. But Orlando also gives hints that he has some issues of his own. Magick Male is already highly experimental.

Such people are a source of new input. They add color to life. But they are not people you should blindly trust.

What does self-worth and masculinity have to do with hard work? Or beating down anyone who deviates from the norm? What does that have to do with high character, emotional maturity, or health?

How many of you are truly living the concepts from one of the older products: The Foundations Seminar and the 10 Points of Becoming a Man (or however many there may be)?

Wake up.

Orlando may have provided a map, but it’s so far from practicality and so contradictory that you might as well throw it away. It simply doesn’t work that way.

On the grand meta-level, Orlando is probably right most of the time. In the details, the whole story is usually a disaster. I could consume products and search for deeper wisdom there until the end of time.

To Individuals:

Don’t put yourself down so much. Orlando doesn’t offer what he promises. It’s too vast and complicated, and the individual participants are far too removed from what is preached on stage.

A person can only go insane from that.

To Orlando:

Whether intentional or not, you have caused incredible harm and let down the participants. And me. I know deep down you don’t mean much of it maliciously. Reality, life, and your own issues have simply caught up with you.

What keeps happening there has nothing to do with the depth and magic that I experienced from you in your best times. It can happen, but please, then also point out to the participants and stop behaving like a cheap copy of your father or any other asshole.

The Community mainstream (and you!) are now miles away from the sense of purpose, emotional depth, and “high character” that you aim for at Magick Male.

I haven’t described many of your more likable sides here. You’ve done a lot of good. Otherwise, I wouldn’t write so much about you. But after all these years, the anger runs too deep.

It’s a bit like in Tolkien’s “The Hobbit,” and you remind me of Thorin Oakenshield. Do you remember the scene where Bard stands before the sealed gates of the mine and gives his speech? Bingo.

“I flew so high with you, but the sky was occupied,” goes a well-known song. That’s how I feel too.

Anyone who has seen you on stage in full swing, especially at the Man-Awareness, knows what you go through on stage. I’ve seen it. How you have to push through your own issues every time, trying not to go completely insane. How you emotionally exposed yourself on stage at FAMP 2017 and SBS 2015, and how tough this job is for you.

Or how you cried at MBS. No, unlike one or two people who claimed the opposite to me on Telegram, I don’t believe it was fake.

Orlando: Come back to reality! You completely lack an overview of what the participant needs.
Team: Get out of your damn ivory tower and come back to the real world!

If you can’t do that because you need to work on the company and yourselves, then at least admit it. What you’re doing now has nothing to do with the presence and vibe that I was able to experience at Magick Male in its best moments.

To Alexander Schuetze (name changed):

I have a special bone to pick with you, you little jerk. I know a guy who reminded me a lot of you, a school colleague named Dominik Altbau (name changed).

“Women are like children: they do what they want if you don’t train them”?

Oh, for God’s sake. How repulsive. That has NOTHING to do with ethics and character.

You can do better. Start by working on your self-worth and let others point out the appropriate things to you. Then we can talk further.

You are most certainly NOT an example of emotional health or true masculinity.

You are capable of more than just behaving like a stupid fool. WAKE UP!!

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